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Without Compassion, There Is No Healthcare

Leading with Care in a Technological Age

edited by Brian D. Hodges, Gail Paech & Jocelyn Bennett

Challenging Choices

Canada's Population Control in the 1970s

by (author) Erika Dyck & Maureen Lux

An Introduction to Indigenous Health and Healthcare in Canada

Bridging Health and Healing

by (author) Vasiliki Douglas

The Pandemic Information Gap

The Brutal Economics of COVID-19

by (author) Joshua Gans


Organism, Disease, Control

by (author) Marcel A. Behr
edited by Karen Stevenson & Vivek Kapur

The Complete Guide for Family Caregivers

by (author) Tapp-McDougall Caroline

Textbook of Addiction Treatment

International Perspectives

by (author) Nady el-Guebaly
edited by Giuseppe Carr, Marc Galanter & Alexander M. Baldacchino

The Mind's Machine

Foundations of Brain and Behavior

by (author) Neil Watson & Marc S. Breedlove


How Our Instincts to Be Healthy are Making Us Sick

by (author) Robert S. Barrett & Louis Hugo Francescutti

Pearls and Tricks in Pediatric Surgery

by (author) Martin Lacher
edited by Shawn D. St. Peter & Augusto Zani

In Sight

My Life in Science and Biotech

by (author) Julia Levy

Toward the Health of a Nation

The Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation - The First Seventy Years

by (author) Leslie A. Boehm

An Ambulance on Safari

The ANC and the Making of a Health Department in Exile

by (author) Melissa Diane Armstrong

Atlas of Cutaneous Branch Territories for the Diagnosis of Neuropathic Pain

by (author) Claude J. Spicher, Tara L. Packham, Nad Buchet, Isabelle Quintal & Pierre Sprumont

Saved by Science

The Hope and Promise of Synthetic Biology

by (author) Mark J. Poznansky

Exploiting Hope

How the Promise of New Medical Interventions Sustains Us--and Makes Us Vulnerable

by (author) Jeremy Snyder


edited by Paul Leeson, Cristiana Monteiro, Daniel Augustine & Harald Becher

Stolen Motherhood

Surrogacy and Made-to-Order Chldren

by (author) Maria De Koninck
translated by Arielle Aaronson

Still Crying for Help

Chronicle of a Therapeutic Failure Foretold

by (author) Sadia Messaili
translated by Aleshia Jensen

Transformative Physical Rehabilitation

Thriving After a Major Health Event

by (author) Claire-Jehanne Dubouloz Wilner

Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine

by (author) Jonathan P. Wyatt, Robert G. Taylor, Kerstin de Wit & Emily J. Hotton

Éthiques de l’hospitalité, du don et du care

Actualité, regards croisés

edited by Sophie Bourgault, Sophie Cloutier & Stéphanie Gaudet
contributions by Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Fabienne Brugère, Merridee Bujaki, Dominique Hétu, Alain Loute, Isabelle Marchand, Elena Pulcini, Marie-Andrée Ricard, Patrick Schuchter, Joan Stavo-Debauge, Stéphane Vibert & Luc Vigneault

Where Things Touch

A Meditation on Beauty

by (author) Bahar Orang

Overdiagnosis in Psychiatry

How Modern Psychiatry Lost Its Way While Creating a Diagnosis for Almost All of Life's Misfortunes

by (author) Joel Paris

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