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Presentation Skills for Scientists and Engineers

The Slide Master

by (author) Jean-Philippe Dionne

Interventional Radiology in Palliative Care

by (author) Peter L. Munk
edited by Suresh B. Babu

Pain Psychology for Clinicians

A Practical Guide for the Non-Psychologist Managing Patients with Chronic Pain

by (author) Leanne R. Cianfrini, Elizabeth J. Richardson & Daniel Doleys

Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe

Four Weeks that Shaped a Pandemic

by (author) Bonnie Henry & Lynn Henry

Clinical Neurotechnology meets Artificial Intelligence

Philosophical, Ethical, Legal and Social Implications

by (author) Orsolya Friedrich
edited by Andreas Wolkenstein, Christoph Bublitz, Ralf J. Jox & Eric Racine

Neglected No More

The Urgent Need to Improve the Lives of Canada's Elders in the Wake of a Pandemic

by (author) André Picard

Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs

by (author) Ric M. Procyshyn

Preoperative Assessment

A Case-Based Approach

by (author) Derek Dillane
edited by Barry A. Finegan

Defining Mental Disorder

Jerome Wakefield and His Critics

edited by Luc Faucher & Denis Forest

COVID Chronicles

A Comics Anthology

edited by Kendra Boileau & Rich Johnson
contributions by Gene Ambaum, Julio Anta, Ned Barnett, Ken Best, Armond Boudreaux, Eiri Brown, Thi Bui, Maureen Burdock, Roland Burkart, Pavith C, Brian Canini, Jason Chatfield, Lili Chin, Gerry Chow, M.K. Czerwiec, Zack Davisson, Joe Decie, Deloupy, Ignacio Di Meglio, Katy Doughty, Peter Dunlap-Shohl, Sarah Firth, Eduardo Garcia, Mike Garcia, Hatiye Garip, Simon Gentry, Aaron Guzman, Rivi Handler-Spitz, Justin Hansen, Kurt Hathaway, Mark Heinrichs, Natascha Hoffmeyer, Laura Holzman, John Jennings, Kang Jing, Quincy Scott Jones, Scott Jones, Jazmine Joyner, Robert Kirby, Rob Kraneveldt, Jesse Lambert, Kelly Latham, Janet K. Lee, Ajuan Mance, Luis Manriquez, Lee Marrs, Seth Martel, Tom K. Mason, Sean Seamus McWhinny, Ben Mitchell, Terry Moore, Eli Neugeboren, Tim Ogline, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Willow Payne, Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos, S.I. Rosenbaum, Jacoby Salcedo, Kay Sohini, Arigon Starr, Emily Steinberg, Jay Stephens, Sage Stossel, Chris Summers, Tamara, Brenna Thummler, Seth Tobocman, Shelley Wall, Ian Williams, Richard You Wu, Zen & Annie Zhu

The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Brain

edited by Michael Thaut & Donald Hodges

The Art and Science of Compassion, A Primer

Reflections of a Physician-Chaplain

by (author) Agnes M.F. Wong

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

A Clinician's Guide

by (author) Mansfield Mela

From Borderline to Baseline

9 Key Steps to Manage Your BPD and Start Loving Your Life

by (author) Julie Ann Ford

Atlas of Contrast-Enhanced Mammography

by (author) Jacopo Nori, Maninderpal Kaur, Anat Kornecki, J. Devi Meenal & Martin J. Yaffe

Self-assessment Questions for the MRCP Part 2

by (author) Bilal Iqbal, Amin Oomatia, John Waters & Gautam Mehta

Burn Care and Treatment

A Practical Guide

by (author) Marc G. Jeschke
edited by Lars-Peter Kamolz & Shahriar Shahrokhi

Practical Pediatric Urology

An Evidence-Based Approach

by (author) Prasad Godbole
edited by Duncan T. Wilcox & Martin A. Koyle


by (author) Henri F. Ellenberger
edited by Emmanuel Delille
translated by Jonathan Kaplansky

Infanticide and Filicide

Foundations in Maternal Mental Health Forensics

by (author) Gina Wong
edited by George Parnham

The Joyful Caregiver

8 Steps to Prevent Caregiver Burnout

by (author) Josephine Grace

Break On Through

Radical Psychiatry and the American Counterculture

by (author) Lucas Richert

COVID-19 in Manitoba

Public Policy Responses to the First Wave

edited by Andrea Rounce & Karine Levasseur

Pediatric Surgery

A Comprehensive Textbook for Africa

by (author) Emmanuel A. Ameh
edited by Stephen W. Bickler, Kokila Lakhoo, Benedict C. Nwomeh & Dan Poenaru

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