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The Language of Trauma

War and Technology in Hoffmann, Freud, and Kafka

by (author) John Zilcosky

At Wit's End

The Deadly Discourse on the Jewish Joke

by (author) Louis Kaplan

At Wit's End

The Deadly Discourse on the Jewish Joke

by (author) Louis Kaplan

The Aesthetics of Fear in German Romanticism

by (author) Paola Mayer

The Allure of Sports in Western Culture

edited by John Zilcosky & Marlo A. Burks

Gerhart Hauptmann

The Prose Plays

by (author) Margaret J. Sinden

The German Novel, 1939-1944

by (author) H. Boeschenstein

Essays on German Literature

In Honour of G. Joyce Hallamore

edited by Michael Batts & Marketa Stankiewicz

Crossing Central Europe

Continuities and Transformations, 1900 and 2000

edited by Helga Mitterbauer & Carrie Smith

The Birth of Homeopathy out of the Spirit of Romanticism

by (author) Alice Kuzniar

Veneration and Revolt

Hermann Hesse and Swabian Pietism

by (author) Barry Stephenson

The German Novel, 1939-1944

by (author) H. Boeschenstein

Fact and Fiction

Literary and Scientific Cultures in Germany and Britain

edited by Christine Lehleiter


Aesthetics against Imperialism

by (author) John K. Noyes

Transforming Kafka

Translation Effects

by (author) Patrick O'Neill

Revolting Families

Toxic Intimacy, Private Politics, and Literary Realisms in the German Sixties

by (author) Carrie Smith

Bennewitz, Goethe, 'Faust'

German and Intercultural Stagings

by (author) David G. John

Cult of the Will

Nervousness and German Modernity

by (author) Michael Cowan

Literature on Trial

The Emergence of Critical Discourse in Germany, Poland & Russia, 1700-1800

by (author) S.D. Chrostowska

The Smile of Tragedy

Nietzsche and the Art of Virtue

by (author) Daniel R. Ahern

Franz Kafka (1883-1983)

His Craft and Thought

edited by Roman Struc & John Yardley

The Holy Fool

Christian Faith and Theology in J.M.R. Lenz

by (author) Timothy F. Pope

Temptations of Faust

The Logic of Fascism and Postmodern Archaeologies of Modernity

by (author) Evelyn Cobley

Jena Romanticism and Its Appropriation of Jakob Böhme

Theosophy, Hagiography, Literature

by (author) Paola Mayer

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