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Sensing the Nation's Law

Historical Inquiries into the Aesthetics of Democratic Legitimacy

by (author) Stefan Huygebaert
edited by Angela Condello, Sarah Marusek & Mark Antaki

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

A Commentary

edited by Marc Weller & Jessie Hohmann

The 1949 Geneva Conventions

A Commentary

edited by Andrew Clapham, Paola Gaeta & Marco Sassoli

The Wetiko Legal Principles

Cree and Anishinabek Responses to Violence and Victimization

by (author) Hadley Louise Friedland

University Commons Divided

Exploring Debate & Dissent on Campus

by (author) Peter MacKinnon

The Law of Maritime Blockade

Past, Present, and Future

by (author) Phillip Drew

Philosophical Foundations of the Nature of Law

edited by Wil Waluchow & Stefan Sciaraffa

Common Sense and Legal Judgment

Community Knowledge, Political Power, and Rhetorical Practice

by (author) Patricia Cochran

International Perspectives on the Theory and Practice of Environmental Education

A Reader

by (author) Giuliano Reis
edited by Jeff Scott

A Conviction in Question

The First Trial at the International Criminal Court

by (author) Jim Freedman

The International Criminal Court and Africa

edited by Charles Chernor Jalloh & Ilias Bantekas

Copyright Users' Rights

by (author) Pascale Chapdelaine

Global Space Governance

An International Study

by (author) Ram S. Jakhu
edited by Joseph N. Pelton


Security, Legality, and an Ethic of Care in an Emergency Shelter

by (author) Prashan Ranasinghe

Commitment and Cooperation on High Courts

A Cross-Country Examination of Institutional Constraints on Judges

by (author) Benjamin Alarie & Andrew J. Green

The Oxford Handbook of the Canadian Constitution

edited by Peter Oliver, Patrick Macklem & Nathalie Des Rosiers

The Unity of the Common Law

by (author) Alan Brudner

Responding to Human Trafficking

Dispossession, Colonial Violence, and Resistance among Indigenous and Racialized Women

by (author) Julie Kaye

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Analysis and Commentary

edited by Daniel Klein, Maria Pia Carazo, Meinhard Doelle, Jane Bulmer & Andrew Higham

International Climate Change Law

by (author) Daniel Bodansky, Jutta Brunnee & Lavanya Rajamani

Indigenous Women's Writing and the Cultural Study of Law

by (author) Cheryl Suzack

The Temporal Jurisdiction of International Tribunals

by (author) Nick Gallus

Risk and the Regulation of Uncertainty in International Law

edited by Monika Ambrus, Rosemary Rayfuse & Wouter Werner

Entangled Territorialities

Negotiating Indigenous Lands in Australia and Canada

edited by Françoise Dussart & Sylvie Poirier

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