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Constitutionalizing Criminal Law

by (author) Colton Fehr

Banning Transgender Conversion Practices

A Legal and Policy Analysis

by (author) Florence Ashley

Scandalous Conduct

Canadian Officer Courts Martial, 1914–45

by (author) Matthew Barrett

Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice

A Search for Ways Forward

by (author) David Milward

Paradoxes of Professional Regulation

In Search of Regulatory Principles

by (author) Michael J. Trebilcock

Faith, Force, and Reason

An Armchair History of the Rule of Law

by (author) David Beatty

Judicializing Everything?

The Clash of Constitutionalisms in Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

by (author) Mark S. Harding

Debt and Federalism

Landmark Cases in Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, 1894-1937

by (author) Thomas Telfer & Virginia Torrie

Religious Diversity in Canadian Public Schools

Rethinking the Role of Law

by (author) Dia Dabby

Disputing New France

Companies, Law, and Sovereignty in the French Atlantic, 1598-1663

by (author) Helen Dewar

Late-Life Homelessness

Experiences of Disadvantage and Unequal Aging

by (author) Amanda Grenier

Portable Prisons

Electronic Monitoring and the Creation of Carceral Territory

by (author) James Gacek

Tax Cooperation in an Unjust World

by (author) Allison Christians & Laurens van Apeldoorn

Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Law Volume 4

edited by John Gardner, Leslie Green & Brian Leiter

Canada's Deep Crown

Beyond Elizabeth II, The Crown's Continuing Canadian Complexion

by (author) David Smith, Christopher McCreery & Jonathan Shanks

Beyond Rights

The Nisg̱a’a Final Agreement and the Challenges of Modern Treaty Relationships

by (author) Carole Blackburn

The Pluralist Right to Health Care

A Framework and Case Study

by (author) Michael Da Silva

To Share, Not Surrender

Indigenous and Settler Visions of Treaty Making in the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia

edited by Peter Cook, Neil Vallance, John Lutz, Graham Brazier & Hamar Foster

The Daily Plebiscite

Federalism, Nationalism, and Canada

by (author) David Cameron
edited by Robert Vipond

Making the Case

2SLGBTQ+ Rights and Religion in Schools

by (author) Donn Short, Bruce MacDougall & Paul T. Clarke

Dilemmas of Free Expression

edited by Emmett Macfarlane

The Pluralist Right to Health Care

A Framework and Case Study

by (author) Michael DaSilva

The Struggle for Human Rights

Essays in honour of Philip Alston

edited by Nehal Bhuta, Florian Hoffmann, Sarah Knuckey, Frederic Megret & Margaret Satterthwaite

Kant and the Law of War

by (author) Arthur Ripstein

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