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Employment Equity in Canada

The Legacy of the Abella Report

by (author) Carol Agocs

Vicarious Kinks

S/M in the Socio-Legal Imaginary

by (author) Ummni Khan


The Global Politics of Digital Copyright Reform

by (author) Blayne Haggart

Criminal Law

A Comparative Approach

by (author) Markus Dubber & Tatjana Hornle


The Global Politics of Digital Copyright Reform

by (author) Blayne Haggart

Commissions of Inquiry and Policy Change

A Comparative Analysis

edited by Gregory J. Inwood & Carolyn M. Johns

Civil Justice, Privatization, and Democracy

by (author) Trevor C.W. Farrow

Religion in the Public Sphere

Canadian Case Studies

edited by Solange Lefebvre & Lori G. Beaman

A Guide to the PCA Arbitration Rules

by (author) Brooks Daly, Evgeniya Goriatcheva & Hugh Meighen

Caribbean Integration Law

by (author) David S. Berry

The Structure of Pluralism

by (author) Victor M. Muniz-Fraticelli

On Being Here to Stay

Treaties and Aboriginal Rights in Canada

by (author) Michael Asch

Putting Intellectual Property in its Place

Rights Discourses, Creative Labor, and the Everyday

by (author) Laura J. Murray, S. Tina Piper & Kirsty Robertson

Fair Labelling and the Dilemma of Prosecuting Gender-Based Crimes at the International Criminal Tribunals

by (author) Hilmi M. Zawati

Regulating Obesity?

Government, Society, and Questions of Health

by (author) W.A. Bogart

Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition

by (author) Ayesha S. Chaudhry

Philosophical Foundations of Discrimination Law

edited by Deborah Hellman & Sophia Moreau

Philosophical Foundations of Property Law

edited by James Penner & Henry Smith

The Heiress vs the Establishment

Mrs. Campbell's Campaign for Legal Justice

by (author) Constance Backhouse & Nancy L. Backhouse

The McGill Law Journal: 60 Years of People, Prose and Publication

by (author) James Cummins

Sovereign Choices and Sovereign Constraints

Judicial Restraint in Investment Treaty Arbitration

by (author) Gus Van Harten

The Role of Climate Change in Global Economic Governance

by (author) Bradly J. Condon & Tapen Sinha

Canadian Family Law 5/e

by (author) Julien D. Payne & Marilyn A. Payne

Environmental Law, 4/e

by (author) Jamie Benidickson

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