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The Wisdom Found in Hen's Teeth

by (author) Jules Torti

CottageEscape.zyx: Satan Takes Over

by (author) Jass Richards

The Village of Little Pletzl-on-the-Zump

by (author) Alan L. Simons

How I Invented the Internet

A Memoir

by (author) Marilyn Carr

The JOY Half-Diet

by (author) Ivan Brown
illustrated by Jon Klassen

Been There, Ate That

A Candy-Coated Childhood

by (author) Jules Torti

It's Tracy & Martina, Hun

A Guide to Cape Breton Livin'

by (author) Justine Williamson & Greg Vardy

The Best of the Bonnet

by (author) Andrew Unger

Too Stupid to Visit

by (author) Jass Richards


An Irreverent History of Beer in Nova Scotia

by (author) Steven Laffoley

Sick in Bed, Across Two Chairs, with My Feet out Through the Window

by (author) Laurie Blackwood Pike


by (author) Stuart McLean

The Perfect Day and Other Stories

by (author) Harry Bruce

My Claustrophobic Happiness

by (author) Jeanne Randolph

The World's Dumbest Criminals

Outrageously True Stories of Criminals Committing Stupid Crimes

by (author) HarperCollins Publishers Canada

Pea Soup for the Newfoundland Soul

by (author) Grandpa Pike

Bronx Heroes in Trumpland

by (author) Ray Felix & Tom Sciacca

The Survival Guide to British Columbia

by (author) Ian Ferguson

Christmas in Mariposa

Sketches of Canada's Legendary Little Town

by (author) Jamie Lamb

You Might Still Be From Nova Scotia If...

by (author) Michael De Adder

The Woulda Coulda Shoulda Guide to Canadian Inventions

by (author) Red Green

Island Home

Out and About on Vancouver Island

by (author) Anny Scoones

Grandpa Pike's Number Two

by (author) Grandpa Pike

Shoelaces Are Hard

And Other Thoughtful Scribbles

by (author) Mike McCardell

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