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La guerre d'indépendance des Canadas

Démocratie, républicanismes et libéralismes en Amérique du Nord

by (author) Julien Mauduit

Lost Tribes Found

Israelite Indians and Religious Nationalism in Early America

by (author) Matthew W. Dougherty

Temperance and Cosmopolitanism

African American Reformers in the Atlantic World

by (author) Carole Lynn Stewart

“The Spanish Element in Our Nationality”

Spain and America at the World’s Fairs and Centennial Celebrations, 1876–1915

by (author) M. Elizabeth Boone

Mad Dogs and Other New Yorkers

Rabies, Medicine, and Society in an American Metropolis, 1840-1920

by (author) Jessica Wang

Children of the Thunderbird

Legends and Myths from the West Coast

by (author) Ted Meyers

Lady Liberty

by (author) Luce Lebart & Sam Stourdze

The Threshold of Manifest Destiny

Gender and National Expansion in Florida

by (author) Laurel Clark Shire

Chief Joseph

Trail of Glory & Sorrow

by (author) Ted Meyers

Bryan Prince's Underground Railroad 2-Book Bundle

My Brother's Keeper / One More River to Cross

by (author) Bryan Prince

The Invisible Irish

Finding Protestants in the Nineteenth-Century Migrations to America

by (author) Rankin Sherling

Charity and Sylvia

A Same-Sex Marriage in Early America

by (author) Rachel Hope Cleves

I've Got a Home in Glory Land

A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad

by (author) Karolyn Smardz Frost

Entertaining Elephants

Animal Agency and the Business of the American Circus

by (author) Susan Nance

Strangers on Their Native Soil

Opposition to United States' Governance in Louisiana's Orleans Territory, 1803-1809

by (author) Julien Vernet

Neighbourly War

New Brunswick and the War of 1812

by (author) Robert L. Dallison

A Neighbourly War

New Brunswick and the War of 1812

by (author) Robert L. Dallison

One More River to Cross

by (author) Bryan Prince

The Invasion of Canada

Battles of the War of 1812

by (author) Ronald J. Dale


Wyatt Earp's Secret Second Wife

by (author) E.C. (Ted) Meyers

A Shadow on the Household

One Enslaved Family's Incredible Struggle for Freedom

by (author) Bryan Prince

Inventing the "American Way"

The Politics of Consensus from the New Deal to the Civil Rights Movement

by (author) Wendy L. Wall

The Corporate Eye

Photography and the Rationalization of American Commercial Culture, 1884-1929

by (author) Elspeth H. Brown

The Long Road to Change

America's Revolution, 1750-1820

by (author) Eric Nellis

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