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Beneath the Surface of Things

New and Selected Essays

by (author) Wade Davis

Dream Car

Malcolm Bricklin's Fantastic SV1 and the End of Industrial Modernity

by (author) Dimitry Anastakis

The Unknown Great

Stories of Japanese Americans at the Margins of History

by (author) Greg Robinson
with Jonathan Harmelen


A History of Showbiz and the Culture Wars

read by Kliph Nesteroff

The Soo Line’s Famous Trains to Canada

by (author) Terry Gainer
foreword by Darryl Raymaker

Energizing Neoliberalism

The 1970s Energy Crisis and the Making of Modern America

by (author) Caleb Wellum

Frederick Baraga's Short History of the North American Indians

edited and translated by Graham A. MacDonald

River Notes

Drought and the Twilight of the American West — A Natural and Human History of the Colorado

by (author) Wade Davis

Bellwether Histories

Animals, Humans, and US Environments in Crisis

edited by Susan Nance & Jennifer Marks

Settler Cannabis

From Gold Rush to Green Rush in Indigenous Northern California

by (author) Kaitlin P. Reed
series edited by Charlotte Coté & Coll Thrush

The North Star

Canada and the Civil War Plots Against Lincoln

by (author) Julian Sher

Funkiest Man Alive

Rufus Thomas and Memphis Soul

by (author) Matthew Ruddick
foreword by Rob Bowman

Mr. Block

The Subversive Comics and Writings of Ernest Riebe

edited by Graphic History Collective
with Paul Buhle & Iain McIntyre

James P. Cannon and the Emergence of Trotskyism in the United States, 1928-38

by (author) Bryan D. Palmer

Winning Women's Hearts and Minds

Selling Cold War Culture in the US and the USSR

by (author) Diana Cucuz

Continent in Crisis

The U.S. Civil War in North America

contributions by Brian Schoen, Jewel L. Spangler, Frank Towers, Alice Baumgartner, Beau D. Cleland, Susan-Mary Grant, Amy Greenberg, John Craig Hammond, John W. Quist & Andrew L. Slap

Jazz à la Creole

French Creole Music and the Birth of Jazz

by (author) Caroline Vézina

The Acadian Saga

A People's Story of Exile and Triumph, New & Expanded Edition

by (author) Dean Jobb

From Underground Railroad to Rebel Refuge

Canada and the Civil War

by (author) Brian Martin

Same Ground

Chasing Family Down the California Gold Rush Trail

by (author) Russell Wangersky

The Petroleum Papers

Inside the Far-Right Conspiracy to Cover Up Climate Change

by (author) Geoff Dembicki

Florida: A History In Pictures

by (author) Mike McGinness & Jeff Davies

John Bradstreet's Raid, 1758

A Riverine Operation of the French and Indian War

by (author) Ian MacPherson McCulloch

La guerre d'indépendance des Canadas

Démocratie, républicanismes et libéralismes en Amérique du Nord

by (author) Julien Mauduit

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