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John Bradstreet's Raid, 1758

A Riverine Operation of the French and Indian War

by (author) Ian Macpherson McCulloch

La guerre d'indépendance des Canadas

Démocratie, républicanismes et libéralismes en Amérique du Nord

by (author) Julien Mauduit

The Great Absquatulator

by (author) Frank Mackey
introduction by Aly (alias Webster) Ndiaye

Spiritualizing Politics without Politicizing Religion

The Example of Sargent Shriver

by (author) James R. Price & Kenneth R. Melchin

Prophet Against Slavery

Benjamin Lay, A Graphic Novel

illustrated by David Lester
edited by Paul Buhle & Marcus Rediker

Ranching and the American West: A History in Documents

The Broadview Source Series

edited by Susan Nance

Killing John Wayne

The Making of the Conqueror

by (author) Ryan Uytdewilligen

The Bridge in the Parks

The Five Eyes and Cold War Counter-Intelligence

edited by Dennis G. Molinaro

Lost Tribes Found

Israelite Indians and Religious Nationalism in Early America

by (author) Matthew W. Dougherty

The Sack of Detroit

General Motors and the End of American Enterprise

by (author) Kenneth Whyte

The Devil's Trick

How Canada Fought the Vietnam War

by (author) John Boyko

New Yorkers

A City and Its People in Our Time

by (author) Craig Taylor

Temperance and Cosmopolitanism

African American Reformers in the Atlantic World

by (author) Carole Lynn Stewart


Race, Nostalgia, and the Politics of Loyalty

by (author) Cheryl Thompson

Cowboy Presidents

The Frontier Myth and U.S. Politics since 1900

by (author) David A. Smith

Vaudeville and the Making of Modern Entertainment, 1890-1925

by (author) David Monod

New Orleans in Golden Age Postcards

by (author) Matthew Griffis

Fixing Niagara Falls

Environment, Energy, and Engineers at the World’s Most Famous Waterfall

by (author) Daniel Macfarlane


From Down in the Delta to the Birth of The Band and Beyond

by (author) Sandra B. Tooze

Harnessing Harmony

Music, Power, and Politics in the United States, 1788-1865

by (author) Billy Coleman

At the Ocean's Edge

A History of Nova Scotia to Confederation

by (author) Margaret Conrad

Social Science for What?

Battles over Public Funding for the "Other Sciences" at the National Science Foundation

by (author) Mark Solovey

He Thinks He's Down

White Appropriations of Black Masculinities in the Civil Rights Era

by (author) Katharine Bausch

Understanding Jim Crow

Using Racist Memorabilia to Teach Tolerance and Promote Social Justice

by (author) David Pilgrim

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