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Commissions High

Canada in London, 1870-1971

by (author) Roy MacLaren

Disraeli's Disciple

The Scandalous Life of George Smythe

by (author) Mary S. Millar

The Incendiary

The Misadventures Of John The Painter, First Modern Terrorist

by (author) Jessica Warner

Rediscovering the British World

edited by Phillip Buckner
contributions by R. Douglas Francis, Phillip Bucker, Catherine Hall, James Belich, Elizabeth Elbourne, Paul Pickering, Douglas Lorimer, Bettina Bradburry, Adele Perry, Frank Bongiorno, Jeffrey Grey, Patrick H. Brennan, Paul Ward, John Lambert, Satadru Sen, Wendy Webster, R. Scott Sheffield, David Lowe, Stuart Macintyre & Stuart Ward

Between Worlds

A Study of the Plays of John Webster

by (author) Dena Goldberg

Henry Fielding

A Political Writer

by (author) Thomas R. Cleary

The Fixed and the Fickle

Religion and Identity in New Zealand

by (author) Hans Mol

The British Diplomatic Service


by (author) Raymond Jones

Women of the Raj

The Mothers, Wives, and Daughters of the British Empire in India

by (author) Margaret MacMillan

Canada and the End of Empire

edited by Phillip Buckner

Maps That Made History

The Influential, the Eccentric and the Sublime

by (author) Dr Lez Smart

Mills in the Medieval Economy

England 1300-1540

by (author) John Langdon

Royal Spectacle

The 1860 Visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada and the United States

by (author) Ian Radforth

The Arctic Fox

Francis Leopold-McClintock, Discoverer of the Fate of Franklin

by (author) David Murphy

Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake

by (author) Samuel Bawlf

King Edward II

His Life, His Reign, and Its Aftermath, 1284-1330

by (author) Roy Martin Haines

Great Land Rush and the Making of the Modern World, 1650-1900

by (author) John C. Weaver

The Social Circulation of the Past

English Historical Culture 1500-1730

by (author) Daniel Woolf

The Invention of Comfort

Sensibilities and Design in Early Modern Britain and Early America

by (author) John E. Crowley

Policing and Punishment in London 1660-1750

Urban Crime and the Limits of Terror

by (author) J.M. Beattie

History, Literature, and Music in Scotland, 700-1560

edited by R. Andrew McDonald

Empire, Welfare State, Europe

History of the United Kingdom 1906-2001

by (author) T.O. Lloyd

Time Lord

by (author) Clark Blaise

Mental Disability in Victorian England

The Earlswood Asylum 1847-1901

by (author) David Wright

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