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Fit Cities

My Quest to Improve the World's Health and Wellness--Including Yours

by (author) Karen K. Lee

Caregiving Insights

Lessons Learned

by (author) Lise Leblanc, Penny Tremblay & Wendy Hill

Conscious Caregiving Guide Workbook

by (author) Lise Leblanc

Conscious Caregiving Guide

Caregiving Starts Here

by (author) Lise Leblanc

Shut Away

When Down Syndrome Was a Life Sentence

by (author) Catherine McKercher

The Time-Saver's Workout

A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results

by (author) John Little

The Control of Infections in Hospitals

by (author) W. Harding Le Riche, Carolee E. Balcom & Gerald van Belle

This May Hurt a Bit

Reinventing Canada's Health Care System

by (author) Stephen Skyvington
foreword by Brian Day

Better Now

Six Big Ideas to Improve Health Care for All Canadians

by (author) Danielle Martin

The General Practitioner

by (author) Kenneth Clute

Conspiracy of Hope

The Truth about Breast Cancer Screening

by (author) Renée Pellerin

Care Work

Dreaming Disability Justice

by (author) Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Dissident Doctor

Catching Babies and Challenging the Medical Status Quo

by (author) Michael C. Klein

Caring for the Low German Mennonites

How Religious Beliefs and Practices Influence Health Care

by (author) Judith Kulig

Nova Scotia

A Health System Profile

by (author) Katherine Fierlbeck

The Me In Medicine

by (author) Patrick Roth

Remaking Policy

Scale, Pace, and Political Strategy in Health Care Reform

by (author) Carolyn Tuohy

Seeing Red

HIV/AIDS and Public Policy in Canada

edited by Suzanne Hindmarch, Michael Orsini & Marilou Gagnon

Federalism and Decentralization in Health Care

A Decision Space Approach

edited by Gregory Marchildon & Thomas J. Bossert

Talking About Death Won’t Kill You

The Essential Guide to End-of-Life Conversations

by (author) Dr Kathy Kortes-Miller

Cardiovascular Health

Living Your Best with a Healthy Heart

by (author) Martin Juneau
translated by Barbara Sandilands
foreword by Pierre Lavoie

Treating Health Care

How the Canadian System Works and How It Could Work Better

by (author) Raisa Deber

Treating Health Care

How the Canadian System Works and How It Could Work Better

by (author) Raisa Deber

Health Promotion in Canada, Fourth Edition

New Perspectives on Theory, Practice, Policy, and Research

edited by Irving Rootman, Ann Pederson, Katherine Frohlich & Sophie Dupéré

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