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Alzheimer's Disease

The Complete Introduction

by (author) Judes Poirier & Serge Gauthier
translated by Barbara Sandilands
foreword by André Chagnon
afterword by Michaëlle Jean

Bringing It Home

A Nurse Discovers Healthcare Beyond the Hospital

by (author) Tilda Shalof
contributions by Judith Shamian

Case Studies in Canadian Health Policy and Management, Second Edition

edited by Raisa B. Deber & Catherine L. Mah

Health Literacy in Canada

A Primer for Students

by (author) Laurie Hoffman-Goetz, Lorie Donelle & Rukhsana Ahmed

Happy Healthy Gut

The Natural Diet Solution to Curing IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Disorders

by (author) Jennifer Browne

Health Systems in Transition

Canada, Second Edition

by (author) Gregory Marchildon

Shaping Academia for the Public Good

Critical Reflections on the CHSRF/CIHR Chair Program

edited by Louise Potvin & Pat Armstrong

Chronic Condition

Why Canada's Health Care System Needs To Be Dragged Into The 21c

by (author) Jeffrey Simpson

After the Error

Speaking Out About Patient Safety to Save Lives

by (author) Susan B. McIver & Robin Wyndham

Making Medicare

New Perspectives on the History of Medicare in Canada

by (author) Gregory Marchildon

Inspire Me Well

Finding motivation to take control of your health

by (author) Lisa Belanger & Sarah O'Hara

My Leaky Body

Tales from the Gurney

by (author) Julie Devaney

Privilege and Policy

A History of Community Clinics in Saskatchewan

by (author) Stan Rands
edited by Gregory P. Marchildon & Catherine Leviten-Reid

Seeking Sickness

Medical Screening and the Misguided Hunt for Disease

by (author) Alan Cassels

Health Promotion in Canada, 3rd Edition

Critical Perspectives on Practice

edited by Irving Rootman, Sophie Dupéré, Ann Pederson & Michel O'Neill

Effective Medical Leadership

by (author) Bryce Taylor

Tranquil Prisons

Chemical Incarceration under Community Treatment Orders

by (author) Erick Fabris

Social Support, Health, and Illness

A Complicated Relationship

by (author) Ranjan Roy

Gender, Health, and Popular Culture

Historical Perspectives

edited by Cheryl Krasnick Warsh

Health Care in Canada

A Citizen's Guide to Policy and Politics

by (author) Katherine Fierlbeck

Bioethics in Canada

A Philosophical Introduction

by (author) Carol Collier & Rachel Haliburton

The Night Shift

Real Life in the Heart of the E.R.

by (author) Brian Goldman

Childhood Vaccinations

Answers to Your Questions

by (author) Katia Bailetti

Long-Term Care in Saskatchewan

Its History & Evolution

by (author) Boris Kishchuk

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