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Ultra-Processed People

Why We Can't Stop Eating Food That Isn't Food

by (author) Chris van Tulleken

Kings of Their Own Ocean

Tuna, Obsession, and the Future of Our Seas

by (author) Karen Pinchin

Ultra-Processed People

Why We Can't Stop Eating Food That Isn't Food

by (author) Chris van Tulleken

Salmon Wars

The Dark Underbelly of Our Favorite Fish

by (author) Catherine Collins & Douglas Frantz

The Distilleries of Vancouver Island

A Guided Tour of West Coast Craft and Artisan Spirits

by (author) Marianne Scott

Tapping the West

How Alberta’s Craft Beer Industry Bubbled Out of an Economy Gone Flat

by (author) Scott Messenger

Take Back the Tray

Revolutionizing Food in Hospitals, Schools, and Other Institutions

by (author) Joshna Maharaj

A Future for the Fishery

Crisis and Renewal in Canada's Neglected Fishing Industry

by (author) Rick Williams
foreword by Donald Savoie

Food Security

From Excess to Enough

by (author) Ralph C. Martin
foreword by Elizabeth May

Brewed in the North

A History of Labatt's

by (author) Matthew J. Bellamy

Grocery Story

The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of Grocery Giants

by (author) Jon Steinman

The Co-op Revolution

Vancouver's Search for Food Alternatives

by (author) Jan DeGrass

Canada's Coca-Cola

Refreshing the Nation for 120 Years

by (author) Douglas Hunter

Conversations in Food Studies

edited by Colin R. Anderson, Jennifer Brady & Charles Z. Levkoe
foreword by Mustafa Koç
contributions by Mary A. Beckie, Eva A. Bogdan, Mark Bomford, Jennifer A. Braun, Samara Brock, Robyn Bunn, Kirsten Valentine Cadieux, Chantal Clement, Anais Detolle, Arthur Green, Ankit Gupta, Robert Jennings, Josee Johnson, Huddart Kennedy, Ahmed Khan, Keith Lee, Kristen Lowitt, Wanda Martin, Victoria Millious, Phil Mount, Erika Mundel, Alan Nash, Seriy Polyakov, Keren Rideout, Steffanie Scott, Tammara Soma, Cathryn Sprague, Jennifer Sumner, David Szanto, Lani Trenouth, Penny Van Esterik, Matt Ventresca, Cassie Wever, Carmen Wong & Konstantinos Zougris

The Art of Natural Cheesemaking

Using Traditional, Non-Industrial Methods and Raw Ingredients to Make the World's Best Cheeses

by (author) David Asher
foreword by Sandor Ellix Katz

Ontario Beer

A Heady History of Brewing from the Great Lakes to the Hudson Bay

by (author) Alan McLeod & Jordan St. John

The Stop

How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement

by (author) Nick Saul & Andrea Curtis

Brewed in Japan

The Evolution of the Japanese Beer Industry

by (author) Jeffrey W. Alexander

Outside the Box

Why Our Children Need Real Food, Not Food Products

by (author) Jeannie Marshall

When All You Have Is Hope

by (author) Frank O'Dea & John Lawrence Reynolds

Bitter Chocolate

Investigating the Dark Side of the World's Most Seductive Sweet

by (author) Carol Off