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Launchpad: Disappearing Minglewood Blues, by M.C. Warrior

by Kerry Clare

"Gives us sharp and fascinating insights into the everyday and sweaty work world—dark, difficult and dangerous—of his three decades logging and commercial …

Launchpad: I Overcame My Autism ... by Sarah Kurchak

by Kerry Clare

"A treat to read." —Hannah Gadsby

Launchpad: Lost Lagoon, Lost in Thought, by Betsy Warland

by Kerry Clare

"An extraordinary love spell cast by a master magician."

Launchpad: Open House, by Jane Christmas

by Kerry Clare

Get a taste of Open House: A Life in Thirty-Two Moves, the latest by Jane Christmas whose previous memoir was a finalist for the 2014 Leacock Memorial …

Launchpad: Hunger Moon, by Traci Skuce

by Kerry Clare

"Read these stories and be transported back to the age before internet, to tree planting camps and lakeside holidays, to relentless heat and longing in …

Launchpad: Keepers of the Faith, by Shaukat Ajmeri

by Kerry Clare

This book is complex, beautiful, and essential reading for our times." —Farzana Doctor, author of Seven

Launchpad: Gold Rush, by Claire Caldwell

by Kerry Clare

Claire Caldwell is an environmental doomsayer, but she’s also a comedic, antic storyteller, and she’s great at dark endings.—John Irving

Launchpad: The Kissing Fence, by B.A. Thomas-Peter

by Kerry Clare

"A compelling story of faith and loyalty, abuse and adversity, and the hope for a better tomorrow." —Genevieve Graham

Launchpad: Prairie, by Candace Savage

by Kerry Clare

"Impelled with its sense of the miraculous in nature."

Launchpad: Dead Mom Walking, by Rachel Matlow

by Kerry Clare

"This book is perfect. Dead Mom Walking is a deeply funny, incredibly smart, and moving page-turner...I just can’t get over what a stunning achievement …

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