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Launchpad: Watershed, by Doreen Vanderstoop

by Kerry Clare

"Riveting . . . Watershed is the best kind of futuristic fiction, the kind that becomes grass-roots reality as we read." —Wayne Grady

Launchpad: Tales from the Fringes of Fear, by Jeff Szpirglas

by Kerry Clare

“A spine-tingling collection that's dead on for young horror buffs.”

Launchpad: The Outer Wards, by Sadiqa de Meijer

by Kerry Clare

"A voice of authority and grace." —Michael Crummey

Launchpad: The BREAKDOWN Tour with Jillian Christmas, Amber Dawn, and Vivek Shraya

by Kerry Clare

How does an artist break through without breaking down? Three outspoken femme writers, Vivek Shraya (The Subtweet), Amber Dawn (My Art is Killing Me) …

Launchpad: The Wild Heavens, by Sarah Louise Butler

by Kerry Clare

The Wild Heavens is wonderfully crafted—each page is a catch of the breath, each chapter a crush of unfolding magic. This novel is why we read. …

Launchpad: Endlings, by Joanna Lilley

by Kerry Clare

"A frightening reminder that Nature is our Mother and source of life." —David Suzuki

Launchpad: Misconduct of the Heart, by Cordelia Strube

by Kerry Clare

A book you will love "like never tomorrow."

Launchpad: Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart, by Beatriz Hausner

by Kerry Clare

"Elegant, thirsty and visionary poems, echoing with song." —Tamara Faith Berger

Launchpad: All I Have Learned is Where I Have Been, by Joe Fiorito

by Kerry Clare

"Wonderfully inventive and skillful in poetic form, while remaining casual, colloquial: the art of the street's voice." —A.F. Moritz

Launchpad: The Ballad of Samuel Hewitt, by Nick Tooke

by Kerry Clare

An uncommon coming-of-age story as well as a thoughtful examination of the meaning of home and family.

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