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Ann Eriksson Launches BIRD'S EYE VIEW

by Kerry Care

"Anyone, young or old, who wants to learn more about the birds that live in their neighbourhood or on the other side of the planet will love this book." …


by Kerry Clare

Launching the graphic memoir Talking to Strangers: A Memoir of My Escape from a Cult.

Literatures, Communities, and Learning

by Kerry Clare

9 conversations with Indigenous writers about the relationship between Indigenous literatures and learning, and how their writing relates to communities. …

Launchpad: Good Mothers Don't, by Laura Best

by Kerry Clare

"An unlikely page turner replete with hushed surprises, unexpected crescendos, endless love and boundless vitality."

Launchpad: Legacy of Trees, by Nina Shoroplova

by Kerry Clare

"A fascinating answer to why we should care about trees in the first place." —Wayne Grady

Launchpad: Murmurations, by Annick MacAskill

by Kerry Clare

Populating her poems with birdsong and murmurings of the natural world, MacAskill highlights how poets and lovers share much with birders on the twitch, …

Launchpad: In Veritas, by C.J. Lavigne

by Kerry Clare

“The perfect mix of incandescent writing and enthralling storytelling. C.J. Lavigne has given us something we can believe in. Learn to see the dragons.” …

Launchpad: Makhno and Memory, by Sean Patterson

by Kerry Clare

The story of "the Ukrainian Robin Hood."

Launchpad: The End of Me, by John Gould

by Kerry Clare

"John Gould's skill with the short form is miraculous in the way of bonsai, the grand made to bloom within the small. And who knew death could be so wise, …

Launchpad: The Home Stretch, by George K. Ilsley

by Kerry Clare

"A wonderful book—witty, tender, and lucidly written—about the caregiving of sons and the complicated inheritances of fathers" —David Chariandy

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