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Launchpad: The War Widow, by Tara Moss

by Kerry Clare

"Retro noir with a gutsy heroine and atmospheric setting...vivid, page-turning historical crime."

Launchpad: Show Me the Honey, by Dave Doroghy

by Kerry Clare

A lighthearted, self-deprecating account of one fledgling beekeeper’s misadventures.

Launchpad: War at the Snow White Motel, by Tim Wynne-Jones

by Kerry Clare

Tim Wynne-Jones brilliantly captures pivotal moments small and large as characters fight for understanding, courage and a better future.

Launchpad: Speechless, by Anne Simpson

by Kerry Clare

A global narrative about gender and race, about words and actions and reactions, with tough female characters who will not back down and instead stand …

Launchpad: Weekend Dad, by Naseem Hrab and Frank Viva

by Kerry Clare

A picture book about what happens when parents separate, and the new reality of having two homes.

Launchpad: Closing Time, by Brenda Chapman

by Kerry Clare

"Complex and filled with menace... [this] tale of sex, lies, and betrayal will keep you up at night."—Barbara Fradkin

Launchpad: Sea Otters, by Isabelle Groc

by Kerry Clare

"An important story, one that gives us hope...Young people will be encouraged to see that positive change can happen, and that we can all do something …

Launchpad: The Internet of Things, by Vicki McLeod

by Kerry Clare

A guide to understanding the way soon-to-be common technologies affect your daily life and how to use these technologies for increased safety, security, …

Launchpad: the broken boat, by Daniela Elza

by Kerry Clare

"The poems, fractured and musical on the page, are at once stark and complex, surreal and familiar. There is a vertiginous sense of unsteady balance, …

Launchpad: Born, by John Sobol and Cindy Derby

by Kerry Clare

A beautiful story celebrating the ordinary miracle of life.

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