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In Conversation With: Playwright and Novelist Kate Cayley on the Jump from Stage to Page

Kate Cayley chats with Host Julie Wilson about the transition of a stage play to debut novel.

The God Edit: Guest Post by Barbara Stewart

On the duality of public and private in creative nonfiction, and how much God is too much God?

2011 Culinary Book Award Winners, plus great links and recipes

All the highlights from the 2011 Culinary Book Awards.

Author Profile: Sierra McLean, Ten-Year-Old Grand Prize Winner of theToronto Roald Dahl Day Story Contest

Julie Wilson talks with ten-year-old author Sierra McLean, the Grand Prize Winner of the Toronto Roald Dahl Day Story Contest.

Warming Winter Minds: Guest Post by Kim Anderson

There is so much to be learned about the history and worldviews of Indigenous societies... If we can be entertained and enraptured by story along the …

Giller Bridesmaids: Where are they now?

A look back at the "Giller Effect" for those writers whose books are shortlisted for the prize.

A Shoe in the Wall: Guest Post by Tristan Hughes

Looking for signs of nature, and signs of men.

In Conversation With: Farzana Doctor on Queer, South Asian Identity and Being a Psychotherapist

Farzana Doctor on how the principles of psychotherapy apply to character construction in her novels.

"I Am Not At Peace": Ghosts and Haunting in Canadian Fiction

Something is extra-unnatural about the supernatural in Canadian fiction, which renders an encounter with it all the more spooky and sinister.

The Hard Part: Guest Post by David Whitton

"It’s not the sentences you write, not the launches you attend or the readings that you give or the rejection you endure, although all of those things …

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