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Read Local

Over the last week, we've appreciated all the excitement surrounding the Toronto Public Library's map of Toronto books by neighbourhood and how it is inspiring readers to think about connections between their books and the world. In his opening essay on today's episode of Q, Jian Ghomeshi called out for a national version of the TPL map, and we're pleased to remind him (and you!) that such a map is already in existence. Our own coast-to-coast-to-coast Read Local Map was launched almost two years ago and remains an ongoing project.

Our site also features a variety of reading lists with regional themes, compiled by our editorial team in conjunction with readers, authors, publishers, librarians, and others in every region of the country and, like the TPL map and our own Read Local map, these are all works in progress. They are also a community effort, so please feel free to get involved. Revisit the map, pin new books to places, or make a list of regional reads of your own.

For inspiration, we're happy to share some of our favourite lists with a regional focus.

Book Cover Come Thou Tortoise


Reading Newfoundland and Labrador: Fiction and Poetry:

10 for 10: Newfoundland and Labrador

History from Atlantic Canada:

Atlantic Canada 2014 shortlists:

Food and Travel in Atlantic Canada:

Saints of Big Harbour

Books from Atlantic Canada for Young Readers:

Children’s Books from Atlantic Canada:

Kids’ Books from PEI and New Brunswick:

Fiction Set in PEI and New Brunswick:

Nova Scotia Fiction Picks:

Nova Scotia:

Airstream Land Yacht


Reading Ontario: Poetry:

Reading Ontario: Fiction:

Quebec Writers Federation 2013 Awards:

English Quebec Fiction:

Trillium Award 2014 Shortlist:

Summer of my Amazing luck


Saskatchewan Book Awards 2014 shortlist:

Books by Saskatchewan Writers: and

E-Books from the Prairies:

Books Set in Winnipeg:

Manitoba Book Awards 2014 shortlists:

Book Cover Garneau Block


Fiction Set in Alberta:

Alberta Literary Awards 2014 shortlists:

Reading BC: Non-Fiction:

Reading BC: Fiction & Poetry:

Oh Vancouver, My Vancouver!:

Book Cover Stories in a  New Skin


E-Books from Quebec and the North:

Read Across Northern Canada:

Books on Inuit and Indigenous Cultures:

Talonbooks’ First Nations Booklist:

May 21, 2014
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