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Why Magic? Guest Post by Buffy Cram

"In a world that is dying of truth, I offer up imagination—and yes, a little bit of magic—as a salve."

Christopher Heard on the magic of luxury hotels and the stories told behind closed doors.

Christopher Heard is no stranger to film buffs. Now he's telling all about his life inside luxury hotels.

6 New Canadian books about the Titanic

In the century since the disaster, its story has been told countless times in books and films and even campfire songs, and now we can add to that a whole …

Excerpts from Billeh Nickerson's Impact: The Titanic Poems

3 poems from Nickerson's new collection

The Shadow in the Mirror: Guest Post by Lauren B. Davis

"We are the lynch mob, the boot at the door, the club on the back of the head, the sad little woman in Abu Ghraib with a cigarette in her mouth, laughing …

Penguin author Peggy Blair on rejection, persistence, and how Ian Rankin changed her life.

How a five minute conversation with Ian Rankin changed author Peggy Blair's life.

Books that Excited Me: A List by Nancy Richler

Nancy Richler, whose latest novel is The Imposter Bride, compiles a list of memorable Canadian books.

Vivek Shraya on the online self-promo that makes for a successful offline author road tour.

Vivek Shraya offers tips for a successful and survivable author road tour.

Indigenous Peoples and the Military: From the War of 1812 to the First World War by Dr. Timothy C. Winegard

Since the 1990s, the literature of Indigenous peoples and the military has undergone a much needed reinterpretation.

Seen Reading's Julie Wilson on How to Become a Literary Voyeur

Do you like to note what people are reading? Use #seenreading to track your global reader sightings!

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