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There is Life Among the Cubicle Dwellers: Guest Post by Rebecca Rosenblum

"This is not a book about jobs, but about the people who do them."

Zoe Whittall's Contemporary Queer Fiction List

To celebrate Pride this week, we're pleased to feature Zoe Whittall's Contempory Queer Fiction List.

Discovering Summer with The 49th Shelf

A search for summer reveals a wealth of literary treasures.

In Conversation With: Suzanne Desrochers (Bride of New France, @penguincanada)

Suzanne Desrochers on writing a debut novel, unveiling previously hidden historical figures, and how the writing life should facilitate happiness, not …

The Personal Book Shopper Contest: June #mybookshopper

Welcome to The Personal Book Shopper Contest!

To recap, we know word-of-mouth is the #1 one way readers find their way to their next book. And we know …

Books Your Dad Will Love

If you've left your Father's Day gift until the last minute, never fear! We've got a long list of books your dad will love.

Take the Cover Shuffle Challenge

Think you know Canadian books? Take the Canadian Bookshelf Cover Shuffle Challenge!

The Cover Shuffle Challenge asks you to supply the correct titles …

"I’ll take the long road and a ballpoint any day": Guest Post by Anne Perdue

Going on a book tour is very different to writing fiction. It takes place in real time and you can’t rewrite what happens. You need to know exactly …

In Conversation With: Tony Burgess

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on a patio when a gentleman, back lit by an early-summer sun, approached my table to boast that he recognized me from the …

The Personal Book Shopper Contest #mybookshopper

What if you could submit a few "choice words" to a personal book shopper—#mybookshopper—someone who wanders off into the bookish wild armed with only …

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