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University of Toronto Press

Books from this publisher

The Black Box

Lady Bessie Borden's Family, 1863-1956

by (author) Carman Miller

No Regrets

The Rise and Fall of Sir William Hearst

by (author) Brian Tennyson

The North American Auto Industry since NAFTA

edited by Greig Mordue & Dimitry Anastakis

Aesthetics of Repair

Indigenous Art and the Form of Reconciliation

by (author) Eugenia Kisin

Syrian-Kurdish Intersections in the Ottoman Period

edited by Stéfan Winter & Zainab HajHasan

Fracking Uncertainty

Hydraulic Fracturing and the Provincial Politics of Risk

by (author) Heather Millar

Sex Work in Popular Culture

by (author) Lauren Kirshner

On the Other Hand

Canadian Multiculturalism and Its Progressive Critics

by (author) Phil Ryan

The ‘Satyrica' of Petronius

Petronii Arbitri ‘Satyrica' Quae Supersunt

text by Wade Richardson

Big Crime and Big Policing

All about Big Money?

edited by Tonita Murray, Elizabeth Kirley & Stephen Schneider


A Global History of Mass Confinement

by (author) Aidan Forth

The Wisdom of Order

An Exploration of Lonergan's Method in Theology

by (author) John Dadosky

Tropes of Engagement

Chaucer's Italian Poetics of Intertextuality

by (author) Leah Schwebel

St Antoninus of Florence on Trade, Merchants, and Workers

by (author) Jason Aaron Brown

Practising Social Work Research

Case Studies for Learning, Third Edition

by (author) Rick Csiernik & Rachel Birnbaum

Sovereignty and Contestation

Practices of Pluralism in Canada and the European Union

by (author) Keith Cherry

The Wisdom of Order

An Exploration of Lonergan's Method in Theology

by (author) John Dadosky

The Cause of Art

Professionalizing the Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador

by (author) Jeff Webb

Stalin's Failed Alliance

The Struggle for Collective Security, 1936-1939

by (author) Michael Jabara Carley

Sustainable Communities for a Healthy Planet

by (author) Katharine Zywert

Montreal's Square Mile

The Making and Transformation of a Colonial Metropole

edited by Dimitry Anastakis, Elizabeth Kirkland & Don Nerbas

Frontier Science

Northern Canada, Military Research, and the Cold War, 1945-1970

by (author) Matthew Wiseman

Gender-Based Violence in Canadian Politics in the #MeToo Era

edited by Tracey Raney & Cheryl N. Collier

The Beaches

Creation of a Toronto Neighbourhood

by (author) Richard White

Success in Graduate School and Beyond

A Guide for STEM Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

by (author) Nana Lee & Reinhart Reithmeier

Covenantal Thinking

Essays on the Philosophy and Theology of David Novak

edited by Paul E. Nahme & Yaniv Feller

Truth Is Trickiest

The Case for Ambiguity in the Exeter Book Riddles

by (author) Jennifer Neville

Capitalism and Classical Social Theory

Fourth Edition

by (author) John Bratton & David Denham

The Banker Ladies

Vanguards of Solidarity Economics and Community-Based Banks

by (author) Caroline Shenaz Hossein

Wheeling through Toronto

A History of the Bicycle and Its Riders

by (author) Albert Koehl

The Management of Innovation

Managing and Creating Technology Capital

by (author) Alberto Galasso

Staying Human during Residency Training

How to Survive and Thrive after Medical School, Seventh Edition

by (author) Allan D. Peterkin & Derek Puddester

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