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University of Toronto Press

Books from this publisher

Anthropological Theory for the Twenty-First Century

A Critical Approach

by (author) A. Lynn Bolles, Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz, Bernard C. Perley & Keri Vacanti Brondo

Ideas, Institutions, and Interests

The Drivers of Canadian Provincial Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy

edited by Peter W.B. Phillips & David Castle

The Speculative City

Emergent Forms and Norms of the Built Environment

edited by Cecilia L. Chu & Shenjing He

Boots on the Ground

Disaster Response in Canada

by (author) Johanu Botha

Made to Order

The Designing of Animals

by (author) Margaret E. Derry

Pathways to Ruin

High-Risk Offending over the Life Course

by (author) Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot & Tamara Humphrey

Behavioral Science in the Wild

edited by Nina Mazar & Dilip Soman

Smallest Circles First

Exploring Teacher Reconciliatory Praxis through Drama Education

by (author) Mindy R. Carter

Spiritualizing Politics without Politicizing Religion

The Example of Sargent Shriver

by (author) James R. Price & Kenneth R. Melchin

Serpent River Resurgence

Confronting Uranium Mining at Elliot Lake

by (author) Lianne Leddy

When Medicine Goes Awry

Case Studies in Medically Caused Suffering and Death

by (author) Juanne Nancarrow Clarke

Biographical Dictionary of Enslaved Black People in the Maritimes

by (author) Harvey Whitfield
foreword by Donald Wright


A Health System Profile

by (author) John Church & Neale Smith

Judicializing Everything?

The Clash of Constitutionalisms in Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

by (author) Mark S. Harding

Decolonizing Data

Unsettling Conversations about Social Research Methods

by (author) Jacqueline M. Quinless

Role of Play and Place in Young Children's Language and Literacy

edited by Shelley Stagg Peterson & Nicola Friedrich

Finnegans Wakes

Tales of Translation

by (author) Patrick O'Neill

Empire and Emancipation

Scottish and Irish Catholics at the Atlantic Fringe, 1780-1850

by (author) S. Karly Kehoe

Caring for LGBTQ2S People

A Clinical Guide, Second Edition

with Allan D. Peterkin & Cathy Risdon
edited by Amy Bourns & Edward Kucharski

Henry Daniel and the Rise of Middle English Medical Writing

edited by Sarah Star

The Ibero-American Baroque

edited by Beatriz de Alba-Koch

Voting in Quebec Municipal Elections

A Tale of Two Cities

edited by Éric Bélanger, Cameron D. Anderson & R. Michael McGregor

Canada in Question

Exploring Our Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century

by (author) Peter MacKinnon

Refracted Economies

Diamond Mining and Social Reproduction in the North

by (author) Rebecca Jane Hall

A History of Science in Society

From Philosophy to Utility, Fourth Edition

by (author) Andrew Ede & Lesley Cormack

Producing Islam(s) in Canada

On Knowledge, Positionality, and Politics

edited by Amélie Barras, Jennifer A. Selby & Melanie Adrian

Killing Bugs for Business and Beauty

Canada's Aerial War against Forest Pests, 1913-1930

by (author) Mark Kuhlberg

The Political Economy of Education in South Asia

Fighting Poverty, Inequality, and Exclusion

by (author) John Richards, Manzoor Ahmed & Md Shahidul Islam
foreword by Fazle Abed

Fighter, Worker, and Family Man

German-Jewish Men and Their Gendered Experiences in Nazi Germany, 1933-1941

by (author) Sebastian Huebel

Media Critique in the Age of Gillray

Scratches, Scraps, and Spectres

by (author) Joseph Monteyne

Canada's Deep Crown

Beyond Elizabeth II, The Crown's Continuing Canadian Complexion

by (author) David Smith, Christopher McCreery & Jonathan Shanks

Streetcars and the Shifting Geographies of Toronto

A Visual Analysis of Change

by (author) Brian Doucet & Michael Doucet

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