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University of Manitoba Press

Books from this publisher

Mac Runciman

A Life in the Grain Trade

by (author) Paul D. Earl
introduction by Gerald Friesen

One Version of the Facts

My Life in the Ivory Tower

by (author) Henry E. Duckworth
introduction by Thomas H.B. Symons

From the Inside Out

The Rural Worlds of Mennonite Diarists

edited by Royden Loewen

Dictionary of Manitoba Biography

by (author) J.M. Bumsted

Manitoba Medicine

A Brief History

by (author) Ian Carr & Robert E. Beamish

Making it Home

Place in Canadian Literature

by (author) Deborah Keahey

The Organ in Manitoba

A History of the Instruments, the Builders, and the Players

by (author) James B. Hartman

In Her Own Voice

Childbirth Stories from Mennonite Women

edited by Katherine Martens & Heidi Harms

The Orders of the Dreamed

George Nelson on Cree and Northern Ojibwa Religion and Myth, 1823

edited by Jennifer S.H. Brown & Robert Brightman

Writings by Western Icelandic Women

translated by Kirsten Wolf

River Road

Essays on Manitoba and Prairie History

by (author) Gerald Friesen

Women of the First Nations

Power, Wisdom, and Strength

edited by Christine Miller & Patricia Chuchryk

The Geography of Manitoba

Its Land and its People

edited by John Welsted, John Everitt & Christoph Stadel

Cree Legends and Narratives from the West Coast of James Bay

as told by Simeon Scott, Xavier Sutherland, Isaiah Sutherland, John Wynne, Joel Linklater, Silas Wesley, Hannah Wynne, Gabriel Kiokee, Andrew Faries, Sophie Gunner, James Gunner, Willie Frenchman, Hannah Loon, Ellen McLeod & John Carpenter
edited by C. Douglas Ellis

O Little Town

Remembering Life in a Prairie Village

by (author) Harlo L. Jones

Severing the Ties that Bind

Government Repression of Indigenous Religious Ceremonies on the Prairies

by (author) Katherine Pettipas

The Ojibwa of Western Canada 1780-1870

by (author) Laura Peers

As Long as the Rivers Run

Hydroelectric Development and Native Communities

by (author) James B. Waldram

Wild Mother Dancing

Maternal Narrative in Canadian Literature

by (author) Di Brandt

Western Icelandic Short Stories

translated by Kirsten Wolf & Arny Hjaltadottir

The Iron Rose

The Extraordinary Life of Charlotte Ross, MD

by (author) Fred Edge

Tell the Driver

A Biography of Elinor F.E. Black, MD

by (author) Julie Vandervoort

Aboriginal Resource Use in Canada

Historical and Legal Aspects

edited by Kerry Abel & Jean Friesen

Living the Changes

edited by Joan Turner

The Plains Cree

Trade, Diplomacy, and War, 1790 to 1870

by (author) John S. Milloy

Monuments to Faith

Ukrainian Churches in Manitoba

by (author) Basil Rotoff, Roman Yereniuk & Stella Hryniuk

Winnipeg School of Art

by (author) Marilyn Baker

Curling Capital

Winnipeg and the Roarin' Game, 1876 to 1988

by (author) Morris Mott & John Allardyce

The New Peoples

Being and Becoming Métis

edited by Jacqueline Peterson & Jennifer S.H. Brown

The Edda

A Collection of Essays

edited by R.J. Glendinning & Haraldur Bessason

Social Democracy in Manitoba

A History of the CCF/NDP

by (author) Nelson Wiseman

Attorney for the Frontier

Enos Stutsmon

by (author) Dale Gibson, Lee Gibson & Cameron Harvey

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