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University of Manitoba Press

Books from this publisher

Laws of Early Iceland

Gragas II

translated by Andrew Dennis, Peter Foote & Richard Perkins

The Book of Settlements


translated by Herman Palsson & Paul Edwards

A History of the Old Icelandic Commonwealth

Islendinga Saga

by (author) Jon Johannesson
translated by Haraldur Bessason

The Counselling Speeches of Jim Ka-Nipitehtew

as told by Jim Kâ-Nîpitêhtêw
edited by Freda Ahenakew & H.C. Wolfart

North American Icelandic

The Life of a Language

by (author) Birna Arnbjornsdottir

St. John's College

Faith and Education in Western Canada

by (author) J.M. Bumsted

A Great Restlessness

The Life and Politics of Dorise Nielsen

by (author) Faith Johnston

Winnipeg Modern

Architecture, 1945 to 1975

edited by Serena Keshavjee

The Force of Vocation

The Literary Career of Adele Wiseman

by (author) Ruth Panofsky

Winnipeg 1912

Diary of a City

by (author) Jim Blanchard

Travelling Passions

The Hidden Life of Vilhjalmur Stefansson

by (author) Gisli Palsson
translated by Keneva Kunz

Arapaho Historical Traditions


by (author) Alonzo Moss
translated by Andrew Cowell

History, Literature and the Writing of the Canadian Prairies

edited by Alison Calder & Robert Wardhaugh

Intimate Strangers

The Letters of Margaret Laurence and Gabrielle Roy

by (author) Margaret Laurence & Gabrielle Roy
edited by Paul G. Socken

One Man’s Documentary

A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Film Board

by (author) Graham McInnes
edited by Gene Walz

Rural Life

Portraits of the Prairie Town, 1946

by (author) James P. Giffen
edited by Gerald Friesen

Formidable Heritage

Manitoba's North and the Cost of Development, 1870 to 1930

by (author) Jim Mochoruk

Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba

by (author) Kenneth Stewart & Douglas Watkinson

Reporting the Resistance

Alexander Begg and Joseph Hargrave on the Red River Resistance

edited by Alexander Begg

Providence Watching

Journeys from Wartorn Poland to the Canadian Prairies

edited by Kazimierz Patalas
translated by Zbigniew Izydorczyk
introduction by Daniel Stone

Writing Grief

Margaret Laurence and the Work of Mourning

by (author) Christian Riegel

Making Ends Meet

Farm Women's Work in Manitoba

by (author) Charlotte van de Vorst

A Thousand Miles of Prairie

The Manitoba Historical Society and the History of Western Canada

edited by Jim Blanchard

Icelanders In North America

The First Settlers

by (author) Jonas Thor

Preserving the Sacred

Historical Perspectives on the Ojibwa Midewiwin

by (author) Michael Angel

Muskekowuck Athinuwick

Original People of the Great Swampy Land

by (author) Victor P. Lytwyn

Hidden Worlds

Revisiting the Mennonite Migrants of the 1870s

by (author) Royden Loewen

The University of Manitoba

An Illustrated History

by (author) J.M. Bumsted

In Order to Live Untroubled

Inuit of the Central Artic 1550 to 1940

by (author) Renee Fossett

Toward Defining the Prairies

Region, Culture, and History

edited by Robert Wardhaugh

They Knew Both Sides of Medicine

Cree Tales of Curing and Cursing Told by Alice Ahenakew

translated by H.C. Wolfart & Freda Ahenakew

Thomas Scott's Body

And Other Essays on Early Manitoba History

by (author) J.M. Bumsted

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