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Porcupine's Quill

Books from this publisher

In the Frame

by (author) Pat Sullivan

Off the Cuff

by (author) Mark Huebner

Bait & Switch

Essays, Reviews, Conversations, and Views on Canadian Poetry

by (author) Jim Johnstone

Kivioq's Journey and Other Revelations in the Donald Forster Sculpture Park at the Art Gallery of Guelph

by (author) Judith Nasby


by (author) Ian Colford


by (author) Ivo Moravec

Poems for a Phantom Lover

by (author) Jennifer Dickson

James Reaney on the Grid

by (author) Stan Dragland

Knock Wood

by (author) Steve Persico

Morse Code for Romantics

by (author) Anne Baldo


Poems of Metaphor

by (author) Jeffery Donaldson

The Essential Eugene McNamara

by (author) Eugene McNamara
selected by Phil Hall

Out of the Dark

by (author) Wesley W. Bates

Took You So Long

by (author) C.I. Matthews

The Razor's Edge

by (author) Karl Jirgens

Rank Songbirds

by (author) Leon Rooke

Artful Flight

Essays and Reviews 1985-2019

by (author) Susan Glickman

The Essential John Glassco

by (author) John Glassco
volume editor Carmine Starnino

Let Go

by (artist) Mark Huebner

The Artist and the Assassin

by (author) Mark Frutkin


by (author) Ross Breithaupt

The Essential Elizabeth Brewster

by (author) Elizabeth Brewster
volume editor Ingrid Ruthig

Breaking Right

by (author) D.A. Lockhart

Urban Disturbances

by (author) Bruce McDougall


Selected Children's Literature

by (author) P.K. Page
edited by Margaret Steffler

The Essential Derk Wynand

by (author) Derk Wynand
volume editor John Barton


by (author) Charlene Elsby

Seeking Shade

by (author) Frances Boyle


by (author) Ed Seaward

The Blue Moth of Morning

by (author) P.C. Vandall

Mary Pickford, Queen of the Silent Film Era

A Life in Stills

by (artist) George A. Walker

Casting into Mystery

by (author) Robert Reid
by (artist) Wesley W. Bates

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