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Oolichan Books

Books from this publisher

The Cloak of Golden Symbols

by (author) Pepper Couëlle-Sterling

Lightning Over Wyoming

by (author) Kat Cameron

Catherines the Great

edited by Susie Berg

Crows Taste Best on Toast

by (author) P.C. Vandall

Canadian Ginger

edited by Kim Clark & Dawn Marie Kresan

The Promise of Water

by (author) Judy LeBlanc

Rides That Way

by (author) Susan Ketchen


by (author) W.H. New

Crocodiles and Ice

A Journey into Deep Wild

by (author) Jon Turk

Fragments, Desire

by (author) Onjana Yawnghwe


by (author) Evelyn Lau

Belly Full of Rocks

by (author) Tyler B. Perry

Secrets of the Painted Door

by (author) Pepper Couëlle-Sterling

Ghost Town

by (author) Susan Telfer

Mountain Girl

by (author) Shelby Cain

Odd One Out

by (author) Betty Jane Hegerat

The Rise and Fall of Emilio Picariello

by (author) Adriana A. Davies

November's Radio

by (author) Steve Noyes

My BoutBook

A Roller Derby Logbook

by (author) Dawn Deydey

Waiting for the Albatross

by (author) Sandy Shreve

The Fire Extinguisher

by (author) Miranda Pearson

Foot Notes

Telling Stories of Girls Soccer

by (author) Laurie Ricou

New & Selected Poems

by (author) W.H. New

The Trees of Calan Gray

by (author) Danial Neil


by (author) Rhona McAdam

Strange Labyrinth

by (author) Kat Cameron


A Memoir of Love, Loss and Desire

by (author) Lynette Loeppky

Down To Earth

Cold-Climate Gardens and Their Keepers

by (author) Helen McAllister & Jennifer Heath

Between Lives

by (author) Nilofar Shidmehr

God Telling a Joke and Other Stories

by (author) Dave Margoshes

Status Update

by (author) Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang

Loggers' Daughters

by (author) Maureen Brownlee

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