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James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers

Books from this publisher

Canada's Soliders in South Africa

Tales from the Boer War, 1899-1902

by (author) John Boileau

Open Ice

by (author) David Trifunov

The Love Code

by (author) Mette Bach

The Player

by (author) Paul Coccia

Last Pick

by (author) David Starr

Rugby Rookies

by (author) Mike Levitt

Open Secrets

by (author) Jennifer Manuel

Lone Runner

by (author) Dirk McLean

Righting Canada's Wrongs: Anti-Semitism and the MS St. Louis

Canada's Anti-Semitic Policies in the Twentieth Century

by (author) Rona Arato

Proud to Play

Canadian LGBTQ+ athletes who made history

by (author) Erin Silver


Deal with it in the name of peace

by (author) Safia Saleh
illustrated by Hana Shafi

John Lennon, Yoko Ono and the Year Canada Was Cool

by (author) Greg Marquis

Smart Cities in Canada: Digital Dreams, Corporate Designs

Independent experts analyze often-controversial schemes from Nunavut to Montreal to Toronto's failed Sidewalk Labs waterfront scheme

by (author) Mariana Valverde
edited by Alexandra Flynn

Love, IRL

by (author) Tracy Goldfarb

No Known Address

by (author) Steven Barwin

Confessions of a Teenage Drag King

by (author) Markus Harwood-Jones

Volleyball Vibe

by (author) Karen Spafford-Fitz

Head to Head

by (author) Jennifer Manuel

The Canadian Labour Movement

A Short History

by (author) Craig Heron
with charles smith

Fort Henry

An Illustrated History

by (author) Stephen Mecredy


Deal with it before boundaries get crossed

by (author) Keisha Evans & N.B. Gonsalvez
illustrated by Jenny Chan

No One's Baby

by (author) Wanda Taylor

Easy Out

by (author) Steven Sandor

P.K. Subban

Fighting racism to become a hockey superstar and role model for athletes of colour

by (author) Catherine Rondina

Long Bomb

by (author) Eric Howling

Ace of Hearts

by (author) Myriad Augustine

The Comeback

by (author) Alex O'Brien

Rugby Rivals

by (author) Mike Levitt

Just Watch Me

Remembering Pierre Trudeau

by (author) Larry Zolf

If I Go Missing

by (author) Brianna Jonnie
with Nahanni Shingoose
illustrated by Neal Shannacappo

Harry Livingstone's Forgotten Men

Canadians and the Chinese Labour Corps in the First World War

by (author) Dan Black

Black Cop

My 36 years in police work, and my career ending experiences with official racism

by (author) Calvin Lawrence
with Miles Howe

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