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Inanna Publications & Education Inc.

Books from this publisher


by (author) Niloufar-Lily Soltani

Concrete Women

Gender, Urbanism, and Protest in South Asia

by (author) Tara Atluri

The Namasté Way

Stories of Soul Healing

by (author) Mehrnaz Massoudi

Sigrene's Bargain with Odin

by (author) Zoë Landale

Privacy is a Foreign Word in Supino

by (author) Maria Coletta McLean


Song of Justice

by (author) Kathleen S. Schmitt

Lawrencia's Last Parang

A Memoir of Loss and Belonging as a Black Woman in Canada

by (author) Anita Jack-Davies

Tucked Away

by (author) Phyllis Rudin

A Fall Afternoon in the Park

Short Stories

by (author) Mehri Yalfani

The Meadowlands

by (author) Kate Kelly

A Hostage

by (author) Charlotte R. Mendel

Fat Studies in Canada

(Re)Mapping the Field

edited by Allison Taylor, Kelsey Ioannoni & Ramanpreet Bahra

Broken Fiction

by (author) Marlene Kadar

Circle Tour

by (author) Eva Tihanyi

Stations of the Crossed

by (author) Carol Rose GoldenEagle

Such a Lovely Afternoon

by (author) Patti Flather

Everything You Dream is Real

by (author) Lisa de Nikolits

Patterson House

by (author) Jane Cawthorne

Hypatia's Wake

by (author) Susan Andrews Grace


by (author) Vivian Zenari

A Knife in the Sky

by (author) Marie-Celie Agnant
translated by Katia Grubisic

The Loneliness of the Time Traveller

by (author) Erika Rummel

The Tempest

by (author) Ilona Martonfi


A Poetry Collection

by (author) Carolyne Van Der Meer


One Woman's Canoeing Adventures in the Divine Near-Wilderness

by (author) Brenda Missen


an anthology

edited by Anne Sorbie & Heidi Grogan

Slow Reveal

by (author) Melanie Mitzner

The Story of My Life Ongoing, by C.S. Cobb

by (author) Candas Dorsey

Dusk in the Frog Pond and Other Stories

by (author) Rummana Chowdhury

Essential Ingredients

by (author) Carol Rose GoldenEagle

Window Ledge

by (author) Lesley Strutt

The Sleep of Apples


by (author) Ami Sands Brodoff

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