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Heritage House Publishing

Books from this publisher

From Denmark to the Cariboo

The Epic Journey of the Lindhard Sisters

by (author) Linda Peterat

The Russian Refugees

A Family's First Century in Canada

by (author) Michael Andruff

kā-āciwīkicik / The Move

by (author) Doris George & Don K. Philpot
illustrated by Alyssa Koski

Fortune Knox Once

More Musings from the Edge

by (author) Jack Knox

In Our Youth

The Lives, Adventures, and Sacrifices of Early Canadian Flyers

by (author) Angus Scully

Abalone Woman

by (author) Teoni Spathelfer
illustrated by Natassia Davies

Cooking Tips for Desperate Fishwives

An Island Memoir

by (author) Margot Fedoruk

Her Courage Rises

50 Trailblazing Women of British Columbia and the Yukon

by (author) Haley Healey
illustrated by Kimiko Fraser

Bloom Where You Are Planted

by (author) Beka Shane Denter

Pioneer Churches along the Gold Rush Trail

An Explorer’s Guide

by (author) Liz Bryan

Adventure Roads of BC's Northwest Heartland

by (author) Liz Bryan

Invasive Flora of the West Coast

British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Collin Varner

The Flora and Fauna of Stanley Park

by (author) Collin Varner

Out of the Fire

Metalworkers along the Salish Sea

by (author) Pirjo Raits
by (photographer) Dale Roth & Michele Ramberg

Alberta's Cornerstone

Archaeological Adventures in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

by (author) Shari Peyerl

Tales from the Homestead

A History of Prairie Pioneers, 1867–1914

by (author) Sandra Rollings-Magnusson

Granville Island ABC

A Family Adventure

by (author) Alison Kelly
illustrated by Linda Sharp

The Life and Legacy of Muriel Stanley Venne

A Métis Matriarch

by (author) Christine Mowat
with Muriel Stanley Venne

White Raven

by (author) Teoni Spathelfer
illustrated by Natassia Davies

Magical Beings of Haida Gwaii Colouring and Activity Book

by (author) Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson, Sara Florence Davidson & Paula Varnell
illustrated by Alyssa Koski & Judy Hilgemann

Camping British Columbia, Yukon, and the Rockies

The Complete Guide to Government Campgrounds, 9th Edition

by (author) Jayne Seagrave

Caring for Critters

One Year at a Wildlife Rescue Centre

by (author) Nicholas Read

Aggie and Mudgy

The Journey of Two Kaska Dena Children

by (author) Wendy Proverbs

Failed to Return

Canada’s Bomber Command Sacrifice in the Second World War

edited by Keith C. Ogilvie


The Life and Afterlife of a Canadian Canine War Hero

by (author) Grant Hayter-Menzies
foreword by Mark Zuehlke

Capitals, Aristocrats, and Cougars

Victoria's Hockey Professionals, 1911–1926

by (author) Alan Livingstone MacLeod


In Search of Poetry, History, and Home

by (author) Isa Milman

Joseph William McKay

A Métis Business Leader in Colonial British Columbia

by (author) Greg N. Fraser

Wagon Road North

The Saga of the Cariboo Gold Rush, Revised and Expanded Edition

by (author) Art Downs
edited by Ken Mather

Painted Fences

by (author) Sara Cassidy
illustrated by Sydney Barnes

Flourishing and Free

More Stories of Trailblazing Women of Vancouver Island

by (author) Haley Healey

Always Pack a Candle

A Nurse in the Cariboo-Chilcotin

by (author) Marion McKinnon Crook

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