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HarperCollins Canada

Books from this publisher


by (author) Kristy Jackson
illustrated by Rhael McGregor

Mystery in the Title

A Novel

by (author) Ian Ferguson & Will Ferguson

The Knowing

The Enduring Legacy of Residential Schools

by (author) Tanya Talaga

The Wisdom of Nurses

Stories of Grit From the Front Lines

by (author) Amie Archibald-Varley & Sara Fung

Followed by the Lark

A Novel

by (author) Helen Humphreys

A Meditation on Murder

A Novel

by (author) Susan Juby

We Rip the World Apart

A Novel

by (author) Charlene Carr

Night of the Living Zed

by (author) Basil Sylvester & Kevin Sylvester

The World's Even Dumber Criminals

Unbelievable True Tales of Crime Gone Wrong

by (author) Duncan McKenzie

Words of a Goat Princess

by (author) Jessie Reyez


Unlock the Hidden Potential Within

by (author) Andre De Grasse & Dan Robson

Funny You Should Say That

by (author) Gerry Dee

Silverwing: The Graphic Novel

by (author) Kenneth Oppel
illustrated by Christopher Steininger

Much Ado About Nada

A Novel

by (author) Uzma Jalaluddin

Truth Telling

Seven Conversations about Indigenous Life in Canada

by (author) Michelle Good

The Almost Widow

A Novel

by (author) Gail Anderson-Dargatz

The Dutch Orphan

A Novel

by (author) Ellen Keith


Protect Your Energy, Optimize Your Health and Supercharge Your Performance

by (author) Greg Wells

The Survivor

How I Survived Six Concentration Camps and Became a Nazi Hunter

by (author) Josef Lewkowicz & Michael Calvin

The Fake

A Novel

by (author) Zoe Whittall

Song of the Sparrow

A Memoir

by (author) Tara MacLean

Hold My Girl

A Novel

by (author) Charlene Carr

Feeling Seen

Reconnecting in a Disconnected World

by (author) Jody Carrington

Really Good, Actually

A Novel

by (author) Monica Heisey

Bad Cree

A Novel

by (author) Jessica Johns

No-Regret Decisions

Making Good Choices During Difficult Times

by (author) Shannon Lee Simmons

Reasonable Adults

A Novel

by (author) Robin Lefler

The Opportunist

A Novel

by (author) Elyse Friedman

Running Down a Dream

A Memoir

by (author) Candy Palmater

Hockey Moms

The Heart of the Game

by (author) Theresa Bailey & Terry Marcotte

Invisible Boy

A Memoir of Self-Discovery

by (author) Harrison Mooney

The Theory of Crows

A Novel

by (author) David A. Robertson

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