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HarperCollins Canada

Books from this publisher

The Retreat

A Novel

by (author) Elisabeth de Mariaffi

Tuscan Daughter

A Novel

by (author) Lisa Rochon

The Almost Wife

A Novel

by (author) Gail Anderson-Dargatz

Pure Flame

A Memoir

by (author) Michelle Orange

The War Against Viruses

How the Science of Optimal Nutrition Can Help You Win

by (author) Aileen Burford-Mason

Breathe Cry Breathe

From Sorrow to Strength in the Aftermath of Sudden, Tragic Loss

by (author) Catherine Gourdier

The Goddess Solution

Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life

by (author) Lisa Marie Rankin

New Girl in Little Cove

A Novel

by (author) Damhnait Monaghan

Gutter Child

A Novel

by (author) Jael Richardson

So-Called Normal

A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience

by (author) Mark Henick

The 4% Fix

How One Hour Can Change Your Life

by (author) Karma Brown

Get Your $hit Together

The Rebel Mama's Handbook for Financially Empowered Moms

by (author) Aleks Jassem & Nikita Stanley

Better Luck Next Time

A Novel

by (author) Kate Hilton

The World's Dumbest Criminals

Outrageously True Stories of Criminals Committing Stupid Crimes

by (author) HarperCollins Publishers Canada

Off Script

Living Out Loud

by (author) Marci Ien

The Golden Goal

by (author) Matthew Cade
illustrated by Patrick Gray

Canada Fun!

by (author) Paul Covello

Daughter of Black Lake

A Novel

by (author) Cathy Marie Buchanan

Alligator Pie and Other Poems

A Dennis Lee Treasury

by (author) Dennis Lee & Juan Wijngaard
illustrated by Frank Newfeld & David McPhail

The Good German

A Novel

by (author) Dennis Bock


A Novel

by (author) Catherine Hernandez

The CBD Bible

Cannabis and the Wellness Revolution That Will Change Your Life

by (author) Dani Gordon

A Russian Sister

A Novel

by (author) Caroline Adderson


A Novel

by (author) Alison Taylor


A Novel

by (author) Tara Gereaux

The Diamond House

by (author) Dianne Warren

The Girl He Left Behind

A Novel

by (author) Beatrice MacNeil

Daughters of Smoke and Fire

A Novel

by (author) Ava Homa

The War Widow

A Novel

by (author) Tara Moss

Midnight Train to Prague

A Novel

by (author) Carol Windley

Five Little Indians

A Novel

by (author) Michelle Good

Stay Where I Can See You

A Novel

by (author) Katrina Onstad

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