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Great Plains Publications

Books from this publisher


Fur Trade, First Nations, and a Life in Northern Canada

by (author) Natasha Deen

The Light that Remains

The Making of an Escape Artist

by (author) Lyse Champagne

Godless But Loyal To Heaven

by (author) Richard Van Camp

The Moon of Letting Go

by (author) Richard Van Camp

From the Barren Lands

Fur Trade, First Nations and a Life in Northern Canada

by (author) Leonard Flett

Famous Last Meals

by (author) Richard Cumyn

Madder Carmine

The Golden Age of Manitoba Radio

by (author) Tyler Enfield

On the Air

The Golden Age of Manitoba Radio

by (author) Garry Moir



by (author) Adam Lindsay Honsinger


by (author) Natasha Deen

The View From the Lane and Other Stories

by (author) Deborah-Anne Tunney

Hello, Sweetheart

by (author) Elaine McCluskey

Mike on Crime

True Tales of Law and Disorder

by (author) Mike McIntyre

Haunted Winnipeg

Ghost Stories from the Heart of the Continent

by (author) Matthew Komus

Forever Julia

Ghost Stories from the Heart of the Continent

by (author) Jodi Carmichael

Wish You Were Here

Hand-tinted Postcards from Winnipeg's Halcyon Days

by (author) Stan Milosevic

Night Moves

by (author) Richard Van Camp

Ain't Got No Cigarettes

Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller

by (author) Lyle E. Style

The View from the Lane


by (author) Deborah-Anne Tunney

Fishin' For Dumbasses

Tips for Folks Who Want to Catch Their Own Food (and have fun doing it!)

by (author) John Toone

Vikings on a Prairie Ocean

The Saga of a Lake, a People, a Family and a Man

by (author) Glenn Sigurdson

Jamie's Got a Gun

A Graphic Novel

by (author) Gail Sidonie Sobat
illustrated by Spyder Yardley-Jones

The Work of Idle Hands

by (author) Jonathon Platz

7 Ways to Sunday

by (author) Lee Kvern

In Search of Canada

The Early Years of John Wesley Dafoe

by (author) Christopher Dafoe

Stuck in the Middle

Dissenting Views of Winnipeg

by (author) Bartley Kives
by (photographer) Bryan Scott

The Library Tree

How a Canadian Woman Brought the Joy of Reading to a Generation of African Children

by (author) Deborah Cowley



by (author) Shane Neilson

Friend. Follow. Text.


by (author) Shawn Syms

Morven and the Horse Clan


by (author) Luanne Armstrong

300 Years of Beer

An Illustrated History of Brewing in Manitoba

by (author) Bill Wright & Dave Craig

The Lucky Ones

African Refugees' Stories of Extraordinary Courage

by (author) Anne Mahon

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