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Great Plains Publications

Books from this publisher

My Privilege, My Responsibility

A Memoir

by (author) Sheila North


The Man Who Caught Lightning In A Bottle

by (author) Ty Dilello

Alternate Plains

An Anthology of Speculative Fiction

edited by Darren Ridgley & Adam Petrash

Lessons In Fusion

A Novel

by (author) Primrose Madayag Knazan

Thinking Big

A History of the Winnipeg Business Community to the Second World War

by (author) Jim Blanchard

Run As One

My Story

by (author) Errol Ranville

Anna Analyst

A Novel

by (author) Patti Edgar

Broken Ribs and Popcorn

How the Winnipeg Jets became the best team in the NHL's most offensive era to not win the Stanley Cup

by (author) Geoff Kirbyson

The Lesser Known

A History of Oddities from the Heart of the Continent

by (author) Darren Bernhardt


A Novel

by (author) Colleen Nelson & Nancy Chappell-Pollack


Short Stories

by (author) Lori Hahnel


The Story of NHL Right Winger Jamie Leach

by (author) Anna Rosner
foreword by Reggie Leach

The Truth About Barns

A Voyage of Discovery and Contemplation

by (author) David Elias

Peculiar Lessons

How Nature and the Material World Shaped a Prairie Childhood

by (author) Lois Braun

The Automatic Age

by (author) G.M.B. Chomichuk

You Don't Have To Die In The End

by (author) Anita Daher

Where The Waters Meet

A Novel

by (author) Stéphanie Boulay
translated by Ghislaine LeFranc

Winter Willow


by (author) Deborah-Anne Tunney


A Novel

by (author) Nicole Luiken


A Novel

by (author) Jason Patrick Rothery

Haunted Manitoba

Ghost Stories from the Prairies

by (author) Matthew Komus

Cedar Dance

by (author) Monica Nawrocki

Winning Chance

by (author) Katherine Koller

Assiniboine Park

Designing and Developing a People's Playground

by (author) David Spector

The Changeling of Fenlen Forest

by (author) Katherine Magyarody

Coop the Great

Rivers, Rails and Ruins

by (author) Larry Verstraete

More Abandoned Manitoba

Rivers, Rails and Ruins

by (author) Gordon Goldsborough

Somewhere North of Normal

by (author) Adam Lindsay Honsinger

Parallel Prairies

Stories of Manitoba Speculative Fiction

by (author) Darren Ridgley
edited by Adam Petrash

Pulse Point

by (author) Colleen Nelson & Nancy Chappell-Pollack

Family of Spies: Paris

by (author) Jodi Carmichael
illustrated by Jamie Gatta

The Sign for Migrant Soul

by (author) Richard Cumyn

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