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Durvile Publications

Books from this publisher

After the Force

True Cases and Investigations by Law Enforcement Officers

edited by Debbie J. Doyle
foreword by Sherri Zickefoose
afterword by J. Thomas Dalby
by (author) Gwyneth Allin, Sharon Bourque, Elizabett Cordeiro, Marc Denis, Stu Gillett, Jackie Gordon, Val Hoglund, Ernie Louttit, Neil Masson, JoAnn McCartney, Debbie McGreal-Dinning, Ron Pond, Trish Haley, Tony Walshe & Dave Wilton

Iethka Nakoda Language in Iethka Nakoda Country

Îethka Îabi ne Îethka Mâkochî nen

by (author) Trent Fox, Tina Fox, Trudy Wesley, Natasha Wesley & Glenda Crawler
illustrated by Tanisha Wesley

No Harm Done

Three Plays About Medical Conditions

by (author) Eugene Stickland, Crystal Phillips, Bin Hu, Dagmar Johnson, William Snell, Sherry L. Dupuis, Pia Kontos, Julia Gray, Christine Jonas-Simpson & Yves Sauvé

The River Troll

A Story About Love

by (author) Rich Théroux

Stories of Métis Women

Tales My Kookum Told Me

edited by Bailey Oster & Marilyn Lizee
foreword by Audrey Poitras
translated by Mary SkyBlue Morin
by (artist) Krista Leddy

Chasia's Enchantment

Meditations, Poems and Inspirations

by (author) Hilda Chasia Smith

Ross Mackay, The Saga of a Brilliant Criminal Lawyer

And his big losses and bigger wins in court and in life

by (author) Jack Batten

Go Ahead and Shoot Me! And Other True Cases About Ordinary Criminals

And Other True Cases About Ordinary Criminals

by (author) Doug Heckbert
afterword by Debbie J. Doyle
foreword by Howard Sapers
cover design or artwork by Rich Théroux
general editor Lorene Shyba

Trump, Twitter & The Law

The Trump presidency as seen through his Tweets and related legal issues, laws, and court decisions.

by (author) Sheldon Burshtein

We Remember the Coming of the White Man

By Elizabeth Yakeleya, Sarah Simon and other Sahtú and Gwich’in Dene Elders

by (author) Elizabeth Yakeleya, Sarah Simon, Mary Wilson, Joe Blondin, John Blondin, Isadore Yukon, Peter Thompson, Jim Sittichinli, Johnny Kaye & Andrew Kunnizzi
edited by Sarah Stewart
foreword by Raymond Yakeleya
afterword by Colette Poitras

Generative Art

Algorithms as Artistic Tool

by (author) James R. Parker
foreword by Sara L. Diamond


Poetry and Visuals of the Sensuous

by (author) Carrie Schiffler & Johanna Stickland

Ducks Redux

Fueling Flames in Oil Land

by (author) L.M. Shyba & C.D. Evans
illustrated by Rich Théroux

Vistas of the West

Poems and Visuals of Nature

by (author) Doris Daley
curated by Susan Kristoferson
edited by Lawrence Kapustka
series edited by Lorene Shyba

Florence Kinrade

Lizzie Borden of the North

by (author) Frank Jones

Lillian and Kokomis

The Spirit of Dance

by (author) Lynda Partridge
by (artist) Dave Nicholson
foreword by Chief Stacey Laforme


Passion for Law Reform

by (author) Nancy Morrison
foreword by Stevie Cameron

Red Star Utopia

Inside North Korea

by (author) Austin Andrews
foreword by Simon Cockerell

True Cases Boxed Set

Criminal Lawyers, Judges, and Shrinks on Cases that Haunt Them

edited by William Trudell, Shyba Lorene, C.D. Evans & J. Thomas Dalby

Women in Criminal Justice

True Cases By and About Canadian Women and the Law

edited by William Trudell & Lorene Shyba
foreword by Beverley McLachlin

Women in Criminal Justice

True Cases By and About Canadian Women and the Law

foreword by Rt Hon Beverley McLachlin
edited by William Trudell & Lorene Shyba
by (author) Susan Lang, Nancy Morrison, Lise Maisonneuve, Danielle Coté, Iona Jaffe, Kim Pate, Jennifer Briscoe, Catherine Dunn, Kaysi Fagan, Deborah Hatch, Karen Hudson, Barbara Jackman, Lucie Joncas, Susan Kyle, Jill Presser, Rosellen Sullivan & Jennifer Trehearne

The Tree by the Woodpile

And Other Dene Spirit of Nature Tales

by (author) Raymond Yakeleya
illustrated by Deborah Desmarais
translated by Jane Modeste

Shadow Hymns Photography by Austin Andrews

by (author) Austin Andrews


Adventures in Canadian Film and Television

by (author) Vic Sarin
foreword by Adrienne Clarkson

A Wake in the Undertow

Rumble House Poems

by (author) Rich Théroux & Jess Szabo

More Tough Crimes

True Cases by Canadian Judges and Criminal Lawyers

foreword by Hon Patrick LeSage
edited by William Trudell & Lorene Shyba
by (author) Donald Bayne, David Bright, Breese Davies, Joseph DiLuca, Mona Duckett, Faith Finnestad, Alan Gold, Brian Greenspan, Patrick Healy, James Lockyer, Brock Martland, James Ogle, Jonathan Rudin, Raymond Wyant, William Trudel, Clayton Rice & Brian Beresh


Crime and Disorders of the Mind

edited by Lorene Shyba
by (author) J. Thomas Dalby, Sven Christianson, Patrick Baillie, Jack White, Joel Watts, Louise Olivier, Stephen Porter, Donald Dutton, Barry Cooper, Marc Nesca, Jeffrey Waldman, Lawrence Ellerby, Richard Schneider, David Dawson & William Trudell
foreword by Lisa Ramshaw

5000 Dead Ducks

Lust and Revolution in the Oilsands

by (author) C.D. Evans & Lorene Shyba
by (artist) Maxwell Theroux