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Dundurn Press

Books from this publisher

A Very Canadian Coup

The Rise and Demise of Prime Minister Mackenzie Bowell, 1894–96

by (author) Ted Glenn

Home Safe

A Memoir of End-of-Life Care During Covid-19

by (author) Mitchell Consky

Carbon Change

Canada on the Brink of Decarbonization

by (author) Dennis McConaghy

An Unrecognized Contribution

Women and Their Work in 19th-Century Toronto

by (author) Elizabeth Gillan Muir

Blood Atonement

by (author) S.M. Freedman

Deadly Triangle

The Famous Architect, His Wife, Their Chauffeur, and Murder Most Foul

by (author) Susan Goldenberg

The Burden of Exile

A Banned Journalist's Flight from Dictatorship

by (author) Aaron Berhane
foreword by Brendan Caires

The Strange Grave of Mikey Dunbar

and Other Stories to Make You Poop Your Pants

by (author) Jeremy John

The Voyageurs

The Canadian Men’s Soccer Team's Quest to Reach the World Cup

by (author) Joshua Kloke


by (author) Jowita Bydlowska

Your Place or Mine?

Practical Advice for Developing a Co-Parenting Arrangement After Separation

by (author) Charlotte Schwartz

The Polished Hoe

20th Anniversary Edition

by (author) Austin Clarke
foreword by Rinaldo Walcott

Eve's Rib

by (author) C.S. O'Cinneide

Jade Is a Twisted Green

by (author) Tanya Turton

The Ghosts That Haunt Me

Memories of a Homicide Detective

by (author) Steve Ryan
foreword by Joe Warmington

The Ghosts That Haunt Me

Memories of a Homicide Detective

by (author) Steve Ryan
foreword by Joe Warmington

Fifth Son

An Inspector Green Mystery

by (author) Barbara Fradkin

The Vicar's Knickers

by (author) Vince R. Ditrich

Mist Walker

An Inspector Green Mystery

by (author) Barbara Fradkin

A Resilient Crown

Canada's Monarchy at the Platinum Jubilee

edited by D. Michael Jackson & Christopher McCreery

Babble On

A Drug Memoir

by (author) Andrew Brobyn

Side Effects

How Left-Brain Right-Brain Differences Shape Everyday Behaviour

by (author) Lorin J. Elias

From the Heart

Family. Community. Service.

by (author) Mary Anne Chambers

The Castleton Massacre

Survivors’ Stories of the Killins Femicide

by (author) Sharon Anne Cook & Margaret Carson

Egg Island

by (author) Sara Flemington

Dark All Day

by (author) Brenden Carlson

Hemingway's Widow

The Life and Legacy of Mary Welsh Hemingway

by (author) Timothy Christian

In the City of Pigs

by (author) André Forget

Funny Gyal

My Fight Against Homophobia in Jamaica

by (author) Angeline Jackson
with Susan McClelland
foreword by Diana King

Dad Bod

Portraits of Pop Culture Papas

by (author) Cian Cruise

The Petting Zoos

by (author) K.S. Covert

What the Dog Knows

by (author) Sylvia McNicoll

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