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Dundurn Press

Books from this publisher

Enough! Georges Erasmus's Fifty-Year Battle for Indigenous Rights

by (author) Wayne K. Spear & Georges Erasmus

The Nail That Sticks Out

Growing Up Japanese Canadian in Postwar Toronto

by (author) Suzanne Elki Yoko Hartmann

Habs 365

Daily Stories from the Ice

by (author) Mike Commito

Heaping Coals

From Media Firebrand to Anglican Priest

by (author) Michael Coren

101 Fascinating Canadian Film and TV Facts

by (author) Thom Ernst

Punching Above Our Weight

The Canadian Military at War Since 1867

by (author) David A. Borys

Celestina's House

by (author) Clarissa Trinidad Gonzalez

We Used to Dream of Freedom

A Memoir of Family, the Holocaust, and the Stories We Don't Tell

by (author) Sam Chaiton

This Thing of Darkness

An Inspector Green Mystery

by (author) Barbara Fradkin

The Rise and Fall of Magic Wolf

by (author) Timothy Taylor

A Mom Like That

A Memoir of Postpartum Psychosis

by (author) Aaisha Alvi
foreword by Wendy Davis

The Starving Artist Myth

Bust the Stereotype and Find Success in Creative Careers

by (author) Mark J. Jones

The Social Safety Net

Canada in Decline Book I

by (author) Nora Loreto

Above the Clouds

Rediscovering the Power of Culture-Driven Leadership

by (author) Arkadi Kuhlmann

The Worst Songs in the World

The Terrible Truth About National Anthems

by (author) David Pate

Tiga's Tale

The Remarkable Life of Champion Boxer Barrington Francis

by (author) Paul Harrietha
with Barrington Francis

Carnie King

The Story of Patty Conklin and Conklin Shows

by (author) John Thurston

The Road to Heaven

A Patrick Bird Mystery

by (author) Alexis Stefanovich-Thomson

The Essence of Invention

Medicine and the Joy of Creativity

by (author) Kieran Murphy


by (author) Larry Gaudet

Black Cake, Turtle Soup, and Other Dilemmas


by (author) Gloria Blizzard

We Were the Bullfighters

by (author) Marianne K. Miller

What They Said About Luisa

by (author) Erika Rummel

The Great Western Canada Bucket List

One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences

by (author) Robin Esrock

The Death Swing at Falcon Lake

and S'more Summer Stories to Make You Poop Your Pants

by (author) Jeremy John

The Joy Experiments

Reimagining Mid-sized Cities to Heal Our Divided Society

by (author) Scott Higgins & Paul Kalbfleisch
foreword by Mouna Andraos & Melissa Mongiat

Traitor By Default

The Trials of Kanao Inouye, the Kamloops Kid

by (author) Patrick Brode

Parenting Your Parents

Straight Talk About Aging in the Family

by (author) Bart J. Mindszenthy & Michael Gordon
foreword by Paula Rochon

The Vicar Vortex

by (author) Vince R. Ditrich

Atrocity on the Atlantic

Attack on a Hospital Ship During the Great War

by (author) Nate Hendley

Never Better

Two Kids, Their Dad, and His Wife's Ghost

by (author) Gonzalo Riedel


Jason Kenney's Pursuit of Power

by (author) Jeremy Appel

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