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Books from this publisher

Discovering Japan

Dark Fantasy Stories

by (author) Nancy Baker

Seven Devils

by (author) Kenneth Mark Hoover

A Halo of Flies

by (author) Halli Villegas

The Black Ship

by (author) David Clink

shape shifter

by (author) Yaqoob Ghaznavi

Red Rover

by (author) Troy Harkin

Electric Breakfast

by (author) Paul Meloy

Out There

by (author) Ian Donald Keeling

The Slanted Gutter

by (author) S. Craig Zahler

The Humours of Grub Street

by (author) Kate Heartfield

Other Covenants

Alternate Histories of the Jewish People

by (author) Mark Shainblum & Andrea D. Lobel

Little Digs

by (author) Lisa L. Hannett

Little Bones

by (author) David Baillie

The Savage Deeps

by (author) Timothy S. Johnston

Monstrous Affections

by (author) David Nickle

Queen of All the Nightbirds

by (author) Craig Wolf

War on Christmas

An Anthology of Tinseled Mayhem

by (author) ChiZine Publications


by (author) Michael Rowe

Hollywood North

A Novel in Six Reels

by (author) Michael Libling

And Cannot Come Again

Tales of Childhood, Regret, and Innocence Lost

by (author) Simon Bestwick

In the Mean Time

by (author) Paul Tremblay

My Favourite Girl That I Never See

by (author) Courtney Loberg

The Choir Boats

by (author) Daniel A. Rabuzzi

The Indigo Pheasant

Volume Two of Longing for Yount

by (author) Daniel A. Rabuzzi

The Inner City

by (author) Karen Heuler

War on Christmas

edited by Sandra Kasturi & Craig Wolf

Sisters In Sorrow

by (author) Rachael Robie

The Little World of Humongo Bongo

by (author) George A. Romero

It's Not the End and Other Lies

by (author) Matt Moore

Still So Strange

by (author) Amanda Downum

Armed in Her Fashion

by (author) Kate Heartfield

Westlake Soul

by (author) Rio Youers

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