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Books from this publisher

Meticulous, Sad and Lonely

by (author) Ian Roy

Redrafting Winter

by (author) Gillian Sze & Alison Strumberger

Delirium for Solo Harp

by (author) Nadine McInnis

Even the Weapons

by (author) M.D. Dunn

Light-carved Passages


by (author) Frances Boyle

If suppose we are a fragment

by (author) rob mclennan

Under the Skin of War

Inspired by the photographs of Don McCullin

by (author) Chantal Ringuet

Winds and Strings

with Colin Morton

Jail Fire

The life and works of Elizabeth Fry

by (author) Julie Robinson

Crystal Through Which Love Passes, A

Glosas for P.K. Page

edited by Jesse Ferguson

Maura Quell

by (author) Rita Donovan

Sound of Sunlight

by (author) Roger Nash


by (author) E.D. Blodgett

People Want Toast Not Toasters

by (author) Brian Burns


Haiku, Senryu, Tanka

by (author) Terry Carter
translated by Mike Montreuil

Enter Mourning

A Memoire on Death, Dementia, & Coming Home

by (author) Heather Menzies

Wretched Beast

by (author) Shelley Leedahl

Yusuf and the Lotus Flower

by (author) Doyali Farah Islam

A (short) history of l.

by (author) rob mclennan

Insomnie Blues

by (author) Linda Frank

Hoardes of Writing

by (author) Chus Pato
translated by Erin Moure

Seasons of Blood

by (author) Henry Beissel

Walnut-Cracking Machine, The

by (author) Julie Berry

Matter's Music/Reflections

by (author) Paul Kelley

Ghost Music

by (author) Mark Dunn

Arrivals and Departures

by (author) Nina Berkhout

Pirouette and Gone, A

by (author) E. Blodgett

Craving of Knives, The

by (author) Blaine Marchand

Go to the Pine

Japanese Style Poetry

by (author) Izak Bouwer & Angela Sumegi

Horse Knows the Way, The

by (author) Dave Margoshes

Hundred Cuts, The

Sitting Bull and the Major

by (author) Colin Morton


by (author) Chus Pato
translated by Erin Moure

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