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At Bay Press

Books from this publisher

Moving Upstream

by (author) Mary Barnes

Back to the Garden

by (author) Megan Wykes

Tulpa Mea Culpa

by (author) Garry Morse

Tales From Phantom City

by (author) Patrick Jenkins

Love Hurries This

by (author) Hamish Guthrie

Something's Burning

by (author) Janet Trull

Pistachios in My Pocket

by (author) Sareh Farmand


by (author) Lucy Hemphill
illustrated by Michael Joyal

The Loyal Daughter

by (author) Nancy Lam

Pond and Beyond, The

by (author) Audrey Lute

Copperhead Road

by (author) Brad Smith

Occasionally Petty

by (author) Michelle Lietz

Sun Compass

by (author) Brigette DePape

Through Disassembled Houses of Perfect Stones

by (author) David Williamson

Frame by Frame

An Animator's Journey

by (author) Co Hoedeman

Beach Blonde

by (author) John Lawrence Reynolds

Gibbous Moon

by (author) Dennis Cooley
by (photographer) Michael Matthews

Coming to Canada

by (author) Starkie Mak

Miraculous Sickness

by (author) ky Perraun

Signal Decay

by (author) Keith Cadieux

So Many Windings

A Reverend Charles Lauchlan Mystery

by (author) Catherine Macdonald

Status Update

by (author) George Toles
illustrated by Cliff Eyland

Ex Nihilo

by (author) J.R. Léveillé & E.D. Blodgett

Glass Bricks

by (author) Louella Lester

The Unpleasantness at the Battle of Thornford

A Father Christmas Mystery

by (author) C.C. Benison

Walking on the Beaches of Temporal Candy

by (author) Christian McPherson

The Muse Sings

by (author) Dennis Cooley



by (author) Ariel Gordon
illustrated by Natalie Baird

Mirror's Edge

A Novel

by (author) Alex Passey

Once a Storm


by (author) Janet Trull

The Goliath Run

A Novel

by (author) Brad Smith

What Fox Knew

And Others

by (author) Mary Barnes

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