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New Releases

New Non-fiction

COVID's frontlines, taxi stories, big ideas, and more.

Women of the Pandemic

Stories from the Frontlines of COVID-19

by (author) Lauren McKeon

Float Like a Butterfly, Drink Mint Tea

How I Beat the Shit Out of All My Addictions

by (author) Alex Wood


The Secret Lives of Taxi Drivers

by (author) Marcello Di Cintio

The Resistance Dilemma

Place-Based Movements and the Climate Crisis

by (author) George Hoberg

The Day the World Stops Shopping

by (author) J.B. MacKinnon

Profiteering, On

edited by Daniel Wells

Still Living the Edges

A Disabled Women's Reader

edited by Diane Driedger

Sharing the Land, Sharing a Future

The Legacy of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples

edited by Katherine Graham & David Newhouse


Misogyny, White Supremacy and Settler Colonialism

by (author) Kimberly A. Williams

Don't Call It a Cult

The Shocking Story of Keith Raniere and the Women of NXIVM

by (author) Sarah Berman

On the Origin of the Deadliest Pandemic in 100 Years

An Investigation

by (author) Elaine Dewar

Everything on (the) Line

20 Years of Social Movement Stories from

edited by Sophia Reuss & Christina Turner

Quietly Shrinking Cities

Canadian Urban Population Loss in an Age of Growth

by (author) Maxwell Hartt

On Killing a Revolution

by (author) Andray Domise

A Complex Exile

Homelessness and Social Exclusion in Canada

by (author) Erin Dej

On the Other Side(s) of 150

Untold Stories and Critical Approaches to History, Literature, and Identity in Canada

edited by Linda M. Morra & Sarah Henzi


A Personal Journey Through the Science of Fear

by (author) Eva Holland