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Book Lists

2021 QWF Literary Awards Shortlists

QWF administers various awards programs to acknowledge the fine work being done by Quebec’s aspiring, emerging, and established authors and, in the case of the Judy Mappin Community Award, members of the larger literary community.

by Kerry Clare

Orwell in Cuba

How 1984 Came to Be Published in Castro’s Twilight

by (author) Frédérick Lavoie
translated by Donald Winkler


by (author) Kim Thúy
translated by Sheila Fischman

I Am a Damn Savage; What Have You Done to My Country? / Eukuan nin matshi-manitu innushkueu; Tanite nene etutamin nitassi?

by (author) An Antane Kapesh
translated by Sarah Henzi

Because The Sun

by (author) Sarah Burgoyne


by (author) Jessie Jones

I Am the Big Heart

by (author) Sarah Venart

We, Jane

by (author) Aimee Wall

knot body

by (author) Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch

Ten Thousand Crossroads

The Path as I Remember It

by (author) Balfour Mount

Fighting for a Hand to Hold

Confronting Medical Colonialism against Indigenous Children in Canada

by (author) Samir Shaheen-Hussain
foreword by Cindy Blackstock
afterword by Katsi'tsakwas Ellen Gabriel


by (author) Su Sokol

Room for One More

by (author) Monique Polak

The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life

by (author) Dani Jansen

Journal of a Travelling Girl

by (author) Nadine Neema
illustrated by Archie Beaverho
foreword by Joseph Judas

Music, Late and Soon

by (author) Robyn Sarah

Neglected No More

The Urgent Need to Improve the Lives of Canada's Elders in the Wake of a Pandemic

by (author) André Picard

Bent out of Shape

Shame, Solidarity, and Women's Bodies at Work

by (author) Karen Messing

Peacekeeper's Daughter

A Middle East Memoir

by (author) Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt

Love Like Water, Love Like Fire

by (author) Mikhail Iossel

Songs for the End of the World

A Novel

by (author) Saleema Nawaz


by (author) Kathleen Winter

Hell Light Flesh

by (author) Klara du Plessis