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Book Lists

Kevin Hardcastle: On Endurance

In the midst of a busy week launching his debut, the short story collection Debris, Kevin Hardcastle found the time to put together this crackerjack list of books about endurance, each title a great complement to his own book, whose stories Tamas Dobozy describes as "like the fighters he writes about: balanced, precise, knowing exactly when and where to hit you." ***** In recently discussing the stories in my book, Debris, the idea of what the characters in the stories were fighting and struggling for kept coming up. In the end, I figured the fight itself, and enduring the hard things that happen in their lives, is what drives the stories. The characters endure and sometimes that is enough. Here are some other Canadian books that might share a kinship to mine in that regard, or that I simply look up to as a reader and writer.

by Kerry Clare · Tagged kevin hardcastle, debris, short stories