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Book Lists

Get Schooled

The kids are going back to school, which is the perfect occasion for the rest of us to pick up a new skill or two. Here is a selection of books which purport to teach us "how-to"!

by Kerry Clare · Tagged how-to, learning, diy

How To

by (author) Julie Morstad

How to Get a Girl Pregnant

by (author) Karleen Pendleton Jimenez

How to be Happy

50 Extraordinary Revelations on Love, Life, Lattes & Summer Camp

by (author) Sarah Treleaven, Astrid Van Den Broek & Chatelaine

How to Make a Garden

The 7 Essential Steps for the Canadian Gardener

by (author) Marjorie Harris

How to Feed a Family

The Sweet Potato Chronicles Cookbook

by (author) Laura Keogh & Ceri Marsh

How to Kill a Vampire

Fangs in Folklore, Film and Fiction

by (author) Liisa Ladouceur

How to Write

by (author) derek beaulieu beaulieu

How to be a Spy

The World War II SOE Training Manual

introduction by Denis Rigden

How to Make Love in a Canoe

Sex in Canada

by (author) Jeff Pearce

How to Speak Pirate

A Treasure Chest of Seafaring Slang

by (author) Geordie Telfer

How to Be a Canadian

Even If You Already Are One

by (author) Will Ferguson & Ian Ferguson

How to Be Miserable

40 Strategies You Already Use

by (author) Randy J. Paterson

How to Catch Trout

Revised Printing

by (author) Lee Straight

How to Make Love to a Negro (Without Getting Tired)

A Novel

by (author) Dany Laferriere
translated by David Homel

How to Be a River

by (author) Brenda Niskala

How to Be a Bawse

A Guide to Conquering Life

by (author) Lilly Singh

How to Be Kinky

A Beginner's Guide to BDSM

by (author) Morpheous

How to Cake It

A Cakebook

by (author) Yolanda Gampp

How to Get There From Here

by (author) Michelle Berry

How to Get Along With Women

Short Stories

by (author) Elisabeth de Mariaffi

How Not to Become a Medical Doctor

by (author) Stephen T. Botek

How to Breathe Underwater

Field Reports from an Age of Radical Change

by (author) Chris Turner