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Reading British Columbia: Non-Fiction

The non-fiction counterpart to our Reading British Columbia: Fiction & Poetry list. Non-fiction is a hugely accomplished area for BC publishers and some of Canada's best authors are writing non-fiction about this land ... as you will see.

by Craig Riggs · Tagged British Columbia, BC, non-fiction

Fishing with John

by (author) Edith Iglauer

The 100-Mile Diet

A Year of Local Eating

by (author) Alisa Smith & J.B. MacKinnon

How Poetry Saved My Life

A Hustler's Memoir

by (author) Amber Dawn

There Is A Season

A Memoir

by (author) Patrick Lane

Under The Bridge

by (author) Rebecca Godfrey

Off the Map

Western Travels on Roads Less Taken

by (author) Stephen Hume

Jacob's Prayer

by (author) Lorne Dufour

Imagining British Columbia

Land, Memory, and Place

edited by Daniel Francis

The Lost Coast

Salmon, Memory and the Death of Wild Culture

by (author) Tim Bowling

Fortune's A River

The Collision of Empires in Northwest America

by (author) Barry Gough

British Columbia

A New Historical Atlas

by (author) Derek Hayes

Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names

A Complete Reference to Coastal British Columbia

by (author) Andrew MacLeod

The Sunshine Coast

From Gibsons to Powell River

by (author) Howard White
photographs by Keith Thirkell, Dean van't Schip & Allan Forest

Hope in Shadows

Stories and Photographs of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

by (author) Brad Cran & Gillian Jerome

City of Glass

Douglas Coupland's Vancouver

by (author) Douglas Coupland

Story as Sharp as a Knife, A

The Classical Haida Mythtellers and Their World

edited by Robert Bringhurst

The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver

by (author) Chuck Davis

Raven Steals the Light

Drawings by Bill Reid

by (author) Bill Reid & Robert Bringhurst
preface by Claude Lévi-Strauss

Complete Writings of Emily Carr

by (author) Emily Carr
introduction by Doris Shadbolt

Spit Delaney's Island

The Play

by (author) Charles Tidler & Jack Hodgins


by (author) Gary Geddes

Yip Sang

and the First Chinese Canadians

by (author) Frances Hern

Bud Inc.

by (author) Ian Mulgrew

Vancouver Special

by (author) Charles Demers

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