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Canadian Short Stories I Have Known

Since beginning to write Canadian Short Stories in 2009, I've read volume after volume of the things. Also, can't add the following: Exile Editions: CVC Book One; CVC Book Two; CVC Book Three; Pretty, by Greg Kinnear; Auxiliary Skins, by Christine Miscione; The Obvious Child, by Matt Shaw; Stations of the Heart, by Darlene Madott Plaza Requiem, by Martha Batiz Tightrope Books: Keep it Beautiful, by Kelly Ward; Mercury Press A Measure of Time, by Karl Jirgens; Oberon Press: Interpreters, by Ron Schafrick; Savage Time, by Murray Pomerance; 08: Best Canadian Stories, ed. John Metcalf; 09: Best Canadian Stories, ed. John Metcalf; Coming Attractions 09, ed. Mark Anthony Jarman; What We're Made Of, by Ryan Turner God Is Not a Fish Inspector, by W.D. Valgardson Insomniac Press: Black Coffee Night, by Emily Schultz; Press Gang: Out on Main Street, by Shani Mootoo; Raincoast Books: Mount Appetite, by Bill Gaston. Mosaic Press: A Face Like the Moon, by Mina Athanassious NeWest Press: Love at Last Light, by Thea Bowering

by Daniel Perry · Tagged Short stories, collections

The Tent

by (author) Margaret Atwood

Natasha And Other Stories

by (author) David Bezmozgis

Anticipated Results

by (author) Dennis E. Bolen

Beggar's Garden

by (author) Michael Christie

Writing Without Direction

Ten and a Half Short Stories by Canadian Authors Under Thirty

edited by Coralee Leroux & Troy Cunningham

High Spirits 25th Anniversary Edition

A Collection Of Ghost Stories

by (author) Robertson Davies

Uncomfortably Numb

by (author) Sharon English

Zero Gravity

by (author) Sharon English

Modern Classics Stones

by (author) Timothy Findley
foreword by Marilyn Bowering

The Night is a Mouth

by (author) Lisa Foad

Dog Attempts to Drown Man in Saskatoon

by (author) Douglas Glover

Fables Of Brunswick Avenue


by (author) Katherine Govier

The Journey Prize Stories 19

The Best of Canada's New Writers

edited by Caroline Adderson, David Bezmozgis & Dionne Brand

A Bird in the House

Penguin Modern Classics Edition

by (author) Margaret Laurence


by (author) Alexandra Leggat

Light Lifting

by (author) Alexander MacLeod

The Withdrawal Method

by (author) Pasha Malla

Dark Rides

by (author) Derek McCormack

Penguin Modern Classics Dance of the Happy Shades

by (author) Alice Munro
foreword by Annie Proulx

Lives of Girls and Women

Penguin Modern Classics Edition

by (author) Alice Munro

Modern Classics Who Do You Think You Are

by (author) Alice Munro
foreword by Wayne Johnston

Penguin Modern Classics Runaway

by (author) Alice Munro

Mother Superior

by (author) Saleema Nawaz


by (author) Rebecca Rosenblum

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