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Canadian Short Stories I Have Known

Since beginning to write Canadian Short Stories in 2009, I've read volume after volume of the things. Also, can't add the following: Exile Editions: CVC Book One; CVC Book Two; CVC Book Three; Pretty, by Greg Kinnear; Auxiliary Skins, by Christine Miscione; The Obvious Child, by Matt Shaw; Stations of the Heart, by Darlene Madott; Plaza Requiem, by Martha Batiz; Cracker Jacks for Misfits, by Christine Ottoni Tightrope Books: Keep it Beautiful, by Kelly Ward; Mercury Press A Measure of Time, by Karl Jirgens; Oberon Press: Interpreters, by Ron Schafrick; Savage Time, by Murray Pomerance; 08: Best Canadian Stories, ed. John Metcalf; 09: Best Canadian Stories, ed. John Metcalf; Coming Attractions 09, ed. Mark Anthony Jarman; What We're Made Of, by Ryan Turner God Is Not a Fish Inspector, by W.D. Valgardson Insomniac Press: Black Coffee Night, by Emily Schultz; Press Gang: Out on Main Street, by Shani Mootoo; Raincoast Books: Mount Appetite, by Bill Gaston. Mosaic Press: A Face Like the Moon, by Mina Athanassious

by Daniel Perry · Tagged Short stories, collections

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