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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (by Vicki Ziegler)

Over the course of a book-length story or exploration of a subject, characters and authors often embark on significant life journeys, resulting in major awakenings, changes in direction, outlook or circumstances, or in outright transformations. Here are some Canadian books where writers and central characters go through immense ch-ch-ch-ch-changes - sometimes to their detriment, sometimes to their benefit, and always to readers’ entertainment and edification. (Vicki Ziegler is a Web site/online/social media manager who is privileged to work with the Griffin Trust For Excellence In Poetry, among other amazing clients. She reads steadily and omnivorously, blogs about books from time to time at, and tweets regularly about things literary via @bookgaga)

by Kerry Clare · Tagged changes, journeys, vicki ziegler, fiction