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Days That End in Y

Days That End in Y

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Summer Days, Starry Nights

From Summer Days, Starry Nights:

The songs were catchy, and I recognized most of them, thanks to Gwen's musical education. All around me people were nodding and singing along. I watched them just as much as I watched the band, fascinated by their reaction. A group of girls clutched each other off to the side, gazing so longingly at the musicians that I felt embarrassed for them. One of them appeared to be sobbing into her friend's shoulder. Between songs, people clapped and cheered and called out requests. Paul taunted them, pretending not to hear, or making fun of their song choices, but in the end he always relented. A few times I looked over and caught Ray looking at me. I blushed and looked away, pretending not to notice. But inside my chest, my heart was off to the races. I had never had a boy look at me like that, and a cute boy to boot. The crowd was so close that sometimes, as we swayed, shifting to the music, our arms touched. By the end of the performance, I was hoarse from cheering and the back of my neck was damp with sweat. I was breathing hard, as if I had been running around on stage, but I felt like I could keep going all night. People begged and pleaded for more, and I joined in their chorus, but Paul dropped to the ground and played dead, not even moving when some joker pretended to kick him in the ribs. Ray touched my shoulder and leaned down, speaking directly into my ear, "I'm going to go check on my rock stars. Don't go anywhere."

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