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Kelly Shepherd

Kelly Shepherd is an active writer and performer. He has been part of numerous poetry reading events including creative collaborations with other writers, musicians, and visual artists; has had participation in The Rasp and the Wine reading series in Edmonton, the Spoken Word on the Move series in Kelowna, and the Raving Poets series in Edmonton.He has been a kindergarten teacher in South Korea and a construction worker in northern Alberta. He has a Religious Studies MA from the University of Alberta, with a thesis on sacred geography, and an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC Okanagan. He has written five poetry chapbooks: The First Metaphor (2014), Fort McMurray Tricksters (2014), if one petal falls (2012), the bony world (2010), and Circumambulations (2003); his writing has been published in numerous journals including The Goose, The Coastal Spectator, Lemon Hound, and Geist. He is also a poetry editor for the environmental philosophy journal The Trumpeter. Originally from Smithers, British Columbia, Kelly currently lives and teaches in Edmonton.

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There was no time to take cameras
out of their bags, so everyone
saw it but there was no evidence


later. After the trucks pulled over
at the trailhead, but before most
of us had stepped out onto the gravel


logging road, a cow moose ran past
wheezing and flecked with sweat.
Her calf, less than a year old, galloped


close behind. A hockey stick’s length
from the truck, someone said. After
the calf came a light brown grizzly bear,


also winded but running steadily. In
the dim spruce silence we could hear all
three of them breathing. It might be


a stretch to say the bear looked
confident but it seemed clear that the
end was near for the moose. The calf


would be the bear’s obvious target
and the cow would die before she’d
let that happen. No time, no time

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