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Karleen Bradford

Karleen Bradford is the award-winning author of twenty-two works of fiction and non-fiction for children and young adults. Her books include historical novels, fantasy and contemporary stories, as well as picture books and chapter books.

She was born in Toronto, Ontario, but spent most of her childhood years in Argentina. She returned to Canada to take a B.A. at the University of Toronto in 1959, and married James Bradford, a Foreign Service Officer with the Canadian Government. Until 1992, Karleen and her family travelled and lived in Colombia, the United States, England, the Philippines, Brazil, Germany and Puerto Rico, with two home postings in Canada. Settings for many of her books have come from these countries. She now lives back in Canada in Owen Sound, Ontario. Three children, four grandchildren, and assorted granddogs live nearby.

Karleen has taught Creative Writing and Writing for Children at Algonquin College, the Adult High School, and various community centres in Ottawa. During a posting in Germany she also taught creative writing classes and did writing workshops with children in U.S.A. Department of Defense Schools throughout the country. In 1999 she worked with students in the Taipei American School in Taiwan.

She has worked in schools across Canada through The Writers' Union of Canada and the Ontario Arts Council programs for writers in the schools and has, as well, participated in numerous Canada Council Readings programs. She toured Nova Scotia in 1984, New Brunswick in 1989, Quèbec in 1998, and Manitoba in 2005 for the TD Children's Book Week, and has worked as a Writer in Residence for the WIER (Writers in Electronic Residence) program in schools across Canada.

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Books by Karleen Bradford

Dear Canada: A Time for Giving: Ten Tales of Christmas

by (author) Susan M. Aihoshi, Janet McNaughton, Carol Matas, Ruby Slipperjack, Jean Little, Karleen Bradford, Sarah Ellis, Norah McClintock & Barbara Haworth-Attard

Dear Canada: With Nothing But Our Courage

The Loyalist Diary of Mary MacDonald, Johnstown, Quebec, 1783

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Dear Canada: A Country of Our Own

The Confederation Diary of Rosie Dunn, Ottawa, Province of Canada, 1866

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Dear Canada Christmas Story No. 11: Singing a Prayer

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Cher Journal : Récit de Noël : N° 11 - La prière de Julia May

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Cher Journal : Le temps des réjouissances

Dix récits de Noël

by (author) Karleen Bradford, Carol Matas, Kit Pearson, Jean Little, Janet Lunn, Sarah Ellis, Gillian Chan, Sharon Stewart & Maxine Trottier

Cher Journal : Du désespoir à la liberté

Julia May Jackson, sur le chemin de fer clandestin, de la Virginie au Canada-Ouest, 1863-1864

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Cher Journal : Noëls d'antan

Dix récits choisis

by (author) Vincent Massey Jr HS, Karleen Bradford, Carol Matas, Jean Little, Sarah Ellis, Perry Nodelman, Maxine Trottier & Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
illustrated by Colin Mayne

Dear Canada: A Desperate Road to Freedom

The Underground Railroad Diary of Julia May Jackson, Virginia to Canada West, 1863-1864

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Dear Canada: A Christmas to Remember

Tales of Comfort and Joy

by (author) Perry Nodelman, Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, Jean Little, Sarah Ellis, Carol Matas, Maxine Trottier, Julie Lawson & Karleen Bradford

There Will Be Wolves

by (author) Karleen Bradford

The Thirteenth Child

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Whisperings Of Magic

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Scarlet Cross

The Fourth Book of The Crusades

by (author) Karleen Bradford


by (author) Karleen Bradford

Phénomènes inexpliqués

Histoires véridiques d'ici

by (author) Kit Pearson, Karleen Bradford, Sharon Siamon, Carole Spray, James F. Robinson, Hazel Boswell, Jean Little & Lucy Maud Montgomery
editor-in-chief Janet Lunn Literary Estate of

Beneath the Crown: The Nine Days Queen

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Ghost Wolf

by (author) Karleen Bradford
illustrated by Deborah Drew-Brook & Allan Cormack

You Can't Rush a Cat

by (author) Karleen Bradford
illustrated by Leslie Elizabeth Watts

Cher Journal : Une vie à refaire

Mary MacDonald, fille de Loyaliste, Johnstown, Province de Québec, 1783

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Whisperings Of Magic Mm

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Animal Heroes

by (author) Karleen Bradford

More Animal Heroes

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Write Now

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Thirteenth Child Mm

by (author) Karleen Bradford

The Nine Days Queen

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Windward Island

by (author) Karleen Bradford