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list price: $19.95
category: Education
published: Jan 1999
imprint: Lorimer

Universities for Sale

Resisting Corporate Control over Canadian Higher Education

by Neil Tudiver

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higher, finance
0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $19.95
category: Education
published: Jan 1999
imprint: Lorimer


1 Introduction
2 Flaws in the Foundation
3 Administrative Rule
4 Moderating Conservative Traditions
5 Declining State Support
6 Collective Bargaining Era
7 Professors on the Line
8 Capitalist Research: A Marriage of Convenience
9 The Corporate University
10 Universities for the 21st Century

Appendix: Commissions, Organizations, Inquiries and Reports

About the Author

Neil Tudiver

NEIL TUDIVER is a professor of social work at the University of Manitoba and former president of and chief negotiator for the University of Manitoba Faculty Association.
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Editorial Reviews

"...timely and insightful... an excellent study of a pivotal topic for the university community, Tudiver's book will appeal to any interested in social and public policy."

— Chapters.ca

"Converting ivory towers into corporate offices may prove to be a bad investment. A former faculty association president warns against big business bailouts for cash-starved universities."

— Hamilton Spectator

"Author Neil Tudiver makes a tremendous contribution to our knowledge about the development of the Canadian university system. Advocacy and scholarship are integrated as we are taken through the dramatic changes in both the internal and external lives of our universities in the postwar period."

— CAUT Bulletin

"Universities for Sale provides an excellent account of the long and necessary struggle to unionize Canadian campuses. It should be required reading for anyone concerned about the preservation of public education in Canada."

— Buzz Hargrove

"...a useful addition to the current debate over the private sector's growing influence within the Canadian university system... presents a balanced history of the higher-education system and useful discussions of the conflicts between faculty and administration that occasioned the growth of unionization and collective bargaining... provides a useful analysis of the potential dangers of increased corporate presence within the universities. Universities for Sale is a good overview of a critically important public-policy issue, as seen from the perspective of a central component, the faculty association."

— Canadian Book Review Annual

"Universities for Sale is an excellent analysis of the troubled cohabitation of Canadian universities with business. Our children and grandchildren will have to live with the outcome, and Tudiver shows how university teachers must work to shape an acceptable future."

— Dr Nancy Olivieri

"Tudiver's study is a most timely one: the universities' embrace of corporatism and commercialization which are central features of his analysis does appear to be becoming closer with each passing day... it is historically well grounded and well informed, giving the reader a good wide base in terms of which to understand the most recent developments and incidents in university/corporate/government relations."

— Cdn Journal of Sociology Online

"[An eloquent plea for an independent role for universities in 21st century Canada. His genuine concern is that our public institutions of higher learning and research do not become the handmaindens of powerful, especially corporate, interests... his summary of developments in higher education is quite useful.
This is an excellent handbook chronicling the various expansions and contractions of the university system as it was affected by war, depression and the 1960s 'baby boom'."

— Telegraph-Journal

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