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Transverse Disciplines

Queer-Feminist, Anti-racist, and Decolonial Approaches to the University

edited by Simone Pfleger & Carrie Smith

University Governance in Canada

Navigating Complexity

by (author) Julia Eastman, Glen A. Jones, Claude Trottier & Olivier Bégin-Caouette

Voices from the Digital Classroom

25 Interviews about Teaching and Learning in the Face of a Global Pandemic

edited by Sandra Abegglen, Fabian Neuhaus & Kylie Wilson

The New Spirit of Creativity

Work, Compromise, and the Art and Design University

by (author) Saara Liinamaa

Reading across the Disciplines

edited by Karen Manarin
contributions by Joyce Tang Boyland, M. Soledad Caballero, Yvonne Davila, Heather C. Easterling, John Eliason, Nelson Graff, Rosemary Green, Neela Griffiths, Rachel Henry, Pat Hutchings, Rebecca Kersnar, Aimee Knupsky, Ryne Leuzinger, Margaret Mackey, Elizabeth Marquis, Trent W. Maurer, Brett McCollum, Layne A. Morsch, Daniel Shapiro, Catelyn Shipp, Dana Statton Thompson, Kris Vasquez, Jakob T. Zehms, Angela Zito & Jordan R. Donovan

Curriculum Design and Praxis in Language Teaching

A Globally Informed Approach

edited by Fernanda Carra-Salsberg, Maria Figueredo & Mihyon Jeon

The Successful TA

A Practical Approach to Effective Teaching

by (author) Kathy M. Nomme & Carol Pollock

Nuances of Blackness in the Canadian Academy

Teaching, Learning, and Researching while Black

edited by Awad Ibrahim, Tamari Kitossa, Malinda S. Smith & Handel K. Wright

University Women

A History of Women and Higher Education in Canada

by (author) Sara Z. MacDonald

Coloniality and Racial (In)Justice in the University

Counting for Nothing?

edited by Sunera Thobani

The Elective Mind

Philosophy and the Undergraduate Degree

by (author) Réal Fillion
cover design or artwork by Monique Fillion

Teaching about Sex and Sexualities in Higher Education

edited by Susan Hillock

You @ the U

A Guided Tour through Your First Year of University

by (author) Janet Miller
foreword by Roy Bear Chief

Nothing Less than Great

Reforming Canada's Universities

by (author) Harvey P. Weingarten

Global University Rankings and the Politics of Knowledge

edited by Michelle Stack

Caught in a Changing Society

St. Dunstan's University 1950-1969

by (author) Leonard Cusack

Higher Teaching

A Handbook for New Post-secondary Faculty

by (author) John Oughton

Making a Grade

Victorian Examinations and the Rise of Standardized Testing

by (author) James Elwick

Simulations and Student Learning

edited by Matthew Schnurr & Anna MacLeod

Teaching Social Work

Reflections on Pedagogy and Practice

edited by Rick Csiernik & Susan Hillock

Canadian Foreign Policy

Reflections on a Field in Transition

edited by Brian Bow & Andrea Lane

The Canadian Precariat

Part-Time Faculty and the Higher-Education System

edited by Ann Gagné

The Finest Blend

Graduate Education in Canada

edited by Gale Parchoma, Michael Power & Jennifer Lock

Violence Interrupted

Confronting Sexual Violence on University Campuses

by (author) Diane Crocker, Joanne Minaker & Amanda Neland

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