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Teaching about Sex and Sexualities in Higher Education

edited by Susan Hillock

Nothing Less than Great

Reforming Canada's Universities

by (author) Harvey P. Weingarten

Global University Rankings and the Politics of Knowledge

edited by Michelle Stack

Higher Teaching

A Handbook for New Post-secondary Faculty

by (author) John Oughton

Simulations and Student Learning

edited by Matthew Schnurr & Anna MacLeod

Simulations and Student Learning

edited by Matthew Schnurr & Anna MacLeod

Canadian Foreign Policy

Reflections on a Field in Transition

edited by Brian Bow & Andrea Lane

The Finest Blend

Graduate Education in Canada

edited by Gale Parchoma, Michael Power & Jennifer Lock

Violence Interrupted

Confronting Sexual Violence on University Campuses

by (author) Diane Crocker, Joanne Minaker & Amanda Neland

It’s All Good (Unless It’s Not)

Mental Health Tips and Self-Care Strategies for Your Undergrad Years

by (author) Nicole Malette

Dissonant Methods

Undoing Discipline in the Humanities Classroom

edited by Ada S. Jaarsma & Kit Dobson
contributions by Kathy Cawsey, Rachel Jones, Kyle Kinaschuk, Namrata Mitra, Guy Obrecht, Katja K. Pettinen, Kaitlin Rothberger, Ely Shipley & Martin Shuster

Black Racialization and Resistance at an Elite University

by (author) rosalind hampton

The University and Social Justice

Struggles across the Globe

edited by Aziz Choudry & Salim Vally

Gaming the Metrics

Misconduct and Manipulation in Academic Research

edited by Mario Biagioli & Alexandra Lippman

Indigenous Education

New Directions in Theory and Practice

edited by Huia Tomlins-Jahnke, Sandra D. Styres, Spencer Lilley & Dawn Zinga
foreword by Linda Tuhiwai Smith
contributions by Jill Bevan-Brown, Frank Deer, Wiremu Doherty, Dwayne Donald, Ngarewa Hawera, Margie Hohepa, Robert Jahnke, Patricia Maringi G. Johnston, Daniel Lipe, Margaret J. Maaka, Angela Nardozi, Katrina-Ann R. Kapa?anaokalaokeola Nakoa Oliveira, Wally Penetito, Michelle Pidgeon, Leonie Pihama, Jean-Paul Restoule, Mari Ropata-Te Hei, Sam L. No‘eau Warner & K. Laiana Wong

The Blue and White

A Record of Fifty Years of Athletic Endeavour and the University of Toronto

by (author) Thomas Arthur Reed

The Humanities in Canada

by (author) F.E.L. Priestley

The New University

by (author) Murray G. Ross

A History of the University of Trinity College 1852-1952

edited by Thomas Arthur Reed

Protestant Church Colleges in Canada

A History

by (author) D.C. Masters

The Eighth President of the University of Toronto

by (author) Faculty of Information Studies

Graduate Education in the Sciences in Canadian Universities

by (author) W.P. Thompson

Forestry Education at Toronto

by (author) John W.B. Sisam

Religion and the University

by (author) Jarsolav Jan Pelikan, William G. Pollard, Maurice N. Eisendrath, Charles Moeller & Alexander Wittenberg

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